Pikachu, I choose you!

So, last night we decided to discuss’Totem Animals.’ Yeah, I realize it’s a topic that can get really flufftastic in less than 5 minutes. Here’s the funniest response to the thread.

Fluffalupagus: I have over 50+ totempower animals at 5-6 level of spiritual significance. I have 10 totem animals I work most often. Top 2 are Andean Condor and the Rising Phoenix. The Condor was my first, discovered its power thru shamanic journey. The rest have come to me in direct spiritual vision or awakening for particular purpose.

(Say what?!) I’m not the only one confused now.

Seeker:  I can’t help myself. Fluffalupagus, how do you figure spiritual significance?How much time did it take to get 50+ to flock to you? Do you have a day job or trust fund? Is your computer fuzzy with all that power around?

Fluffalupagus: In the world of spirit all possibility can exist, in my experiences of past and present encounters / visions / communications came about for levels of intention. I classified those degrees of intention into levels of spiritual significance…

PaganMike:  ‎@Fluffalupagus-Do you keep them in a little round ball??

PaganMikes remark litterally had me roflmfao! I’m not the only one who has to be mean sometimes. It makes me smile when others get involved in the question asking to the fluff-tarded.

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