The Nansy Pansy Pagan Male

We’re commonly known as a site and FB page that will cover topics of discussions that other groups run screaming away from. I think that’s a good thing. It’s something that sets us apart from everyone else. We’re also probably a whole lot more opinionated than most other forums. Yesterday, we decided that we wanted to have a discussion about the Death Penalty.

Yeah, I know it’s a rather hot topic for just about everyone, but we wanted to know if Pagans would be more apt to be against it based on religious beliefs. It turns out, most people are against it, many didn’t really have answers, and our Core group is fairly open to the idea of using the death penalty as a just punishment for the more violent type of offender.

Enter in Pansy Ass Pagan Male:

Nansy Pansy Pagan: “I have to say this whole discussion has really been an eye opener for me. Here I thought Christians cornered the market on bloodthirsty self-righteousness. Is this really the best we can do? More power of the state over the individual. More decisions based on our fears and not our hopes. More willingness to condemn instead of heal. I am a little ashamed of being a pagan right now.”

“I guess to clarify, I do not believe in organized violence. Not by the state, a religion, or a “cause”. I do believe in personal violence. Just like repressing the sexual urge creates all sorts of problems, repressing the urge to perpetrate violence does the same thing. Maybe the world would be a better place if people just accepted that every once in a while, someone’s going to get clobbered. I still doubt it would be necessary to use enough force to kill in almost any circumstance.”

Yeah… Ok….. So, I had to ask him ” you’re ok with randomly beating the hell out of people but if the state wants to kill people who have been convicted of violent crimes, it’s not ok? How does that make any sense?”

Nansy Pansy Pagan: “It makes perfect sense. We are individuals, and animals. We have urges and drives, including violence. We ignore them at our peril. In fact, I believe that it is when we ignore these drives, when they are institutionalized they can be twisted to the point where humans are capable of war and genocide.”
Now Wait…. We have urges and drives, if we suppress these urges, we’re going to become twisted and it leads to war and genocide? I’m a little creeped out now… This sounds like a very half-baked and disturbing theory. When questioned on which urges are ok to act on, For example the urges that Sexual Predators, Rapists, Pedophiles and Serial Killers have, he back pedaled and said that we need to keep them incarcerated until we find a better way to rehabilitate them. (I find this idea to be a waste of perfectly good taxpayer money that could be used for other things. )
Other’s expressed an opinion similar to my own, even going so far as to call for ‘An Eye for An Eye’
Again, Nansy Pansy Pagan had to respond. “Wow, an eye for an eye, really? Do you really think at all about what you are saying. You want that? That’s the best we can do? “An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind” – MKG”
From this point on in the discussion, when questioned, Nansy Pansy Pagan decided to hide behind MKG Quotes and his theory about Urges. Quite frankly, I think the guy is a bit freakish, seriously twisted, and possibly a, well… who knows really. You can all fill in the blanks on that one.

All in all, it’s been an UBER FUN DAY! This guy is full of CARP!

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