Pissy Pagans – letters from the complaint dept.

I remember when I found my first ‘Pagan-centric’ group. It was located over in the world of ‘Myspazz’. Let me tell you, even though the groups were over run with fluff, they would all argue with conviction. They rarely gave up on a topic, and even if they did, they stayed in the group, and came back for new discussion topics.

Since I left Myspazz, I’ve grown aware of the ‘Pissy Pagans.’ These are the pagans that get really upset and butthurt, and run away from the discussion. Usually deleting their responses to the thread (this makes me insane) and then sending a message complaining about how they were ‘treated badly’ or ‘persecuted’, etc.

The major issue that I have with this type of fluff, is that it happens on an almost daily basis. Instead of bowing out of the conversation, they have to take their ball and go home, and then message the admin (me) and whine about it. Here’s a letter that I received not too long ago.


I have decided to drop out of the pagan facebook site

You probably don’t care but I have never been treated so rudely I people that don’t even know me in quite a while
I was basically just shouted down and told to go shit in my own sandbox by someone with the last name of nelson. I know big deal right
Normally I don’t take these things personally
However I was not the only person being treated like an idiot
Another woman named mandy was also shouted down. She dropped out

I have enjoyed your site until now
I agree that the discussion about otherkin was rather dumb
However I had something to say
I wasnt even saying what I thought I was telling a story about my grandfather and about my daughter when she was a child
I am pagan. I have been practicing for over 20 years. I am not a stupid fluffy bunny or anything of the sort. I found the arrogance of some of the people on the site really beyond reason
Just thought I’d let you know why I’m not going to add my 2 cents in any more

Glenda the Glitterwitch


So yeah. Always SO MUCH FUN!

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