Spam: It makes me giggle.



So, today is all about Spam. Sometimes it can just make you giggle, like this spam that I got as a comment on one of the previous blog entries.

‘Stop-Balness’: Oh my goodness! an incredible article dude. Thanks Nevertheless I am experiencing concern with ur rss .


I’m not quite sure what issue there is with my rss, but it still made me giggle. Easily dealt with, Akismet caught it and threw it in a spam log for me.


Now, here’s another instance of spam. This took place on our FB page.


Miss “I WroteABook SelfPublished” Posted a link on our wall, all about her book, and where we’d be able to find it. Now, I’m not including that link because I’m not promoting her book, and I also don’t want her bad behavior to hurt her book sales.

Lala: “So, do you spam all of your friends pages, or just ours?”

WAB: “its raising awareness”

Lala: “no, it’s self promotion and spam. Did you ask the page owner for permission to post that?”

WAB: “its not self promotion if your selling a product promoting awareness, i didn’t have to go public with my past but i did to help others i barely get any royalties on the sales”

Lala: “I’ll say it again, it’s self promotion and spam. You’re spamming the page with links, to a book that you wrote. Can you tell me how that isn’t self promotion? Again, did you seek permission to post that before actually posting it?”

WAB: “whatever you’ll never understand so I won’t waste my energy”

(Permission to share?)

WAB:”no and i don’t care about that”

WAB: “yes it does i don’t have the patience to be ‘got at’ for trying to raise awareness when I’ve not slept in days cuz of anxities related to my disability”

WAB: “awareness not self promo”

Now, the self published author chose to continue on her argument that since her book was supposed to raise awareness on a topic, that it was not self promotion, nor should it be considered spam. Fact of the matter is, it’s self promotion, no matter what the topic of the book was, and had she bothered to send a quick note, asking permission to share the link, she would have gotten it.

Instead, when called on the bad spammish behavior, she became defensive, argumentative and just plain out right shitty. Which, I have to admit, makes it a whole lot more fun to pick on them, but does nothing to further their cause for raising awareness on any issue.

I do hope that people will learn that all it takes is a quick message, asking for permission to share their links. There are some people with enough common sense out there to understand that that’s all it takes, we do like to help people promote themselves, and their causes. However,  jumping on our friends list just because there are almost 5,000 people on it for you to spam speaks of really bad behavior.

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