Fluffy Hell

I happened to complain about being added to a ‘Wiccan’ group on FB without any prior knowledge of the group and without my consent. One of those settings that I really dislike about FB. To be left out of groups that I have no interest in belonging to. Moments after posting my ‘Quit It!’ status, a random FB user popped in to chat, and ask me questions. Joy oh Joy!


Random FB User: I thought you said you were Pagan

PaganMystics: I am not however a practicing wiccan

Random FB User: i am to mine goes 18 geration and i am a gpys gypsy

PaganMystics: really?

Random FB User: yup my grandpa on my dad’s side mom’s family were full blown gypsy

Another Random FB User: my family goes back to the Druids….not sure how many generations…my great great grandmother was a Celtic High PriestessRandom

FB User: dang

PaganMystics: Oh dear god

Random FB User: what

I ran away screaming and trying to beat my head up against the wall at this point. I was really trying very hard to be nice that day. I’ve decided being ‘nice’ is overrated.

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