California, where freedom abounds!

Now, honestly I think that the title is interesting enough to post as is, without a blog. Seriously, we should just print it on a t-shirt and go one about our business. Alas, that would be considered lazy, besides, then you’d never know just where the quote actually came from. I suppose it’s time to share that story.

Let’s go ahead and just name this particularly fluffy little morsel ‘Shit for Brains.’ Our fluffball was participating in a conversation on some random group on fb. (Can’t share the name) Shit for Brains was making the claim that Pagans in the Southern regions of the US were being burned out of their homes on a fairly regular basis, especially Pagans living in the general Mississippi area.  Now, a friend of the page responded to the discussion, sharing that they actually live in Mississippi (ever notice that you spell that out loud in your head making sure that you got all the S’ and I’s?) Oh yeah, anyhow they live in the state, and have not seen any news stories, or read any accounts of this actually happening (you’d think it’s a news worthy event) and simply asked for sources, so that she’d be able to read any stories that had been written on the matter.

Simple request right? Well, we are dealing with fluff, so I’m sure you already know the answer to that question…


Shit for Brains:  ‘Which part of the state do you live in? The closer you live to the metro areas, the safer you are. I’m over 70 miles from any metro area, and out in the sticks people can get away with just about anything. Most Pagans keep their belief a secret to stay under the radar, but those who confide in the wrong individual find themselves harassed, pets killed, children harassed at school, snarky remarks from neighbors, shunned, denied services including medical care and the worst cases end in loss of property, and or physical assault. Just because one person hasn’t seen or heard of anything doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Look up the Green Egg and contact Ariel M… She lives in rural Tennessee and has experienced the “welcoming committee.” Contact Oberon Zell, he knows Ariel and is aware of what’s going on. There are several Pagans right here in this discussion area who have also seen or knows someone who has suffered for simply being “open” about their belief.”


At this point, I’ve been shown the discussion topic, I’m curious and I want more information as well.


Lala: Ok, you’re making some interesting claims, do you have any news stories, etc that can serve as evidence that this is actually happening and not just some fantastical hearsay?


As we’re all aware of, fluff don’t like being questioned. Especially the already ‘persecuted fluff’
Shit for Brains: “Hey! I’m an EYE WITNESS. Who do YOU think you are to call me a liar! You want proof, get yourself out in the rural areas and ASK around for yourself. Let it be KNOWN that you are a Pagan, then come tell us YOUR story! Be sure to visit Buck Snort and HANGING LIMB Tennessee. While you’re at it, come stay with me — I’ll show you around and introduce you to some Pagans who have experienced this FANTASTICAL HEARSAY. Thanks to people like you, victims of this bull-shit are never taken seriously. You should be ashamed, and may you eat off the same plate of which you “serve” others. So mote it be.”

She even saw fit to include a ‘curse’ at the end of her post. Just curious, but since she’s now throwing curses at us, is she actively persecuting us? lol, idk, just a thought really.
Lala: You’re an eye witness? So, you stood and watched people being beaten and burned out of their homes?


Hahaha! There it is! The wonderfully, epicly hilarious quote that I promised I’d explain where it originated. I’m really not sure that I have to add anything else to this particular post. But don’t worry! There is more to come about Shit for Brains and her hilarious comrades!

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