The ‘Batshit Crazy’ Fluff

I know that it’s hard to believe, but occasionally a topic can be going along so well, no arguments, no trolls, no flying insults, that someone inevitably snaps, I think because they aren’t really even sure of what’s going on.

Unprovoked attacks do happen, when they do, they leave the entire group sitting there, scratching their heads, trying to figure out, just what the fuck actually happened.

This incident happened not long ago, on June 5th.

A group of us were talking about Soul Retrieval; What is it? Why is it necessary? Can souls actually become fractured. All in all, a very interesting topic, and we thought we were having a pretty good time of it, considering all the differing beliefs on the topic, and no one was getting butthurt. That is, until Mrs M. showed up.

“Mrs M: @Pagan Number 1..What your talking about is Life…Not death 🙁 .. I don’t care what university you went to or who taught you for that matter.. All the universites and all the study .The one thing is Common Sense.. and I don’t care if we are eastern or western..In the end ..What does it matter ??? The answer lies in death … @ Lala You may use the language but who understands it … .you have been taught by this one and that..Life is our teacher…. god damn it you have really pissed me off bitch ….. And the one thing you need to learn that canno’t be taught is common sense..and that has nothing to do with religion.. and something that you dont have … Just sayin … god damned it ….You watch someone die over years and then come back and talk to me …………………………”

Leaves you with a WTF? feeling doesn’t it? Kind of makes you wonder if they’re allowing the lunatics in the Psych Ward access to the internet doesn’t it.

Recovering from a Random Fluffing isn’t always easy, I think it took a good day for the sheer shock value to wear off completely. So, watch out, they’re hiding in the bushes, just waiting for a normal conversation to take place, worse than sparkle-pires…

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