The Blog Names that Almost Happened

When the decision to write this blog was made, a group of friends were asked if they had any suggestions for it’s possible name.

The list is far too hilarious, in my opinion, to keep secret, so I’ve decided to share it with all of you.

  • Memoirs of a Fluff Hunter
  • Friends of the Royal Order of the Fluff Bunnies
  • The Flufftard Apocalypse
  • The Fur Baiter Society
  • The Asshat Diaries
  • The Fluff, The Tard, and the Wardrobe
  • Legend of the Flufftard and the Knowledge Ninja
  • The Chronicles of Fluffdom
  • The Fluff Monologue
  • The Fluff, The Asshat, and The Queen
  • Fluff Monologues
  • Lala: The Fluff Slayer
  • Lab Notes: 101 Ways to Kill a Fluff
  • Fluffs, Tards and IRABs; A Tantrum
  • Fluffy Potter and the Missing Asshats
  • The Fluff Files
  • Fluffville
  • Unreal Estate; Fluffydom in the Real World
  • To Defluff an Asshat
  • Hot Lala’s Fluffy Files
  • Legend of the Half Blood Fluff
  • The Fluff Identity
  • The Fluffinator
  • Nutter’s House: Romancing the Bun-bun
  • Adventures in Fluffy Squishing
  • The Legend of the Fluff Killer
  • Just By a Hare: Deflowering Asshattery
  • Playgansim for Dummies
  • The 5,000 year old Wiccan and Other Stories
  • Fairy Tales for Grownups: How Lala Banished the Asshats
  • My So Called Fluff
  • The First Fluff
  • Realities and Rejects
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Asshats
  • LadyAnastasia and the Temple of Doom
  • The Good, The Fluff, and The Asshats
  • How to Train Your Fluffy
  • Superfluff
  • LadyAnastasia and the Last Crusade
  • It’s Called RESEARCH…Asshats
  • Encyclopedia Fluffytastica
  • A Lady’s Observations on Fluffology

So, that’s it. The blog could have been named one of those titles. Do you think we made the right choice? I hope that you got at least a giggle out of the list!

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