tumblr, is it just for plagiarism.?

My friend/web goddess for the site, is also the author of Three Different Ways (link is over in the blogroll)

So, a few days ago, there was a discussion, and blow up and possibly a fight, over rules, after which, a blog was written,

The Ten Rules of Witchdom


Well, I should also state that the Web Goddess pays close attention to site traffic, for all of the blogs. She found a random search from Google had given some traffic. The interesting part of this search, was that someone had typed the rule in it’s entirety into the search engine.

After running the same search to see what would come up, a tumblr. blog was found.



Looks like son of Pan is stealing things and not giving people the proper credit. Shame shame…

As, I actually have a tumblr account, I’m attempted to message Pans boy, and find out what daddy dearest would say about him stealing posts from other peoples blogs. Unfortunately, that function was not available to me, so, I made sure to at least re-blog the stolen posts, and make sure that people there knew that they’d been stolen.

Check out the  screen shots….




Now, I’ll let you all know if I do happen to get a response out of this lil shit head, but for now… Make sure you let others know who he is, and what he’s up to. I’m sure this isn’t the first blog that he’s stolen things from.

Carp Out


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