Oh Holy Fucktard!

I’m beginning to think that it’s entirely possible that I’m becoming ever more intolerant to stupidity on a daily basis. Maybe its old age, maybe it’s that there are never-ending legions of fluff that we have to deal with on an almost daily basis, maybe I’m just that damned anti social.  Whatever it is, I’m tired of it, and it makes me grumpy.

I’m also getting tired of seeing posts like the one that I’m going to share tonight. Let’s say, in part it’s because I just don’t understand where these types of people are coming from. If you were raised in a religion not of your choosing, and you’re unhappy with it, why would you go to a group of virtual strangers, and ask said strangers, what religion they think you should be pursuing or where they think you fit in…  I just don’t get it.

Lil Lost Bunny: ive seen some amazing robes with hoods on them it’s like i want one so bad lol but then i think my religion wont alow it……..meh throw me some ideas on religions that will alow me to wear one of those robes

Lala Lynn Davis:  ‎… if you want to wear a robe, then wear a robe. Why can’t you?

Lil Lost Bunny:  the belief that im in if you wear a hooded robe you study forbidden arts in christian eyes shrugs but im about to say screw it and get kicked out of that church

Lala Lynn Davis:  So, are you looking into alternative religions because you’re feeling the need to rebel against Christianity? It can’t just be because hooded robes are a cool fashion statement, that’s not a good reason to jump into another faith.

Lil Lost Bunny:  the reason i want to jump religons is cause their has to be more than just saying who gose where.

Lil Lost Bunny:  i mean it feels like oh your not this you go here oh your not that you dont go their

Lala Lynn Davis I see, well best of luck to you on whatever path you decide to fall into. but no one can tell you which it will be, you’ll figure that out on your own

Lil Lost Bunny:  ty for understanding its just it seems some religions are so confuseing

Lala Lynn Davis make a list of your personal beliefs and go from there. That’s my advice.


So,  again. I’m staring at the computer, lost and in a daze. He’s tired of groups of people who are going to tell him where to go, or what he’s supposed to be doing, and then go and ask a group of strangers to do the same thing.

It makes no sense to me…At All.

Honestly, is it that he doesn’t know where to start? Want’s some attention? Has no idea what he’s going to do because he’s that confused by how he was raised, or seriously in the midst of some anti christian rebellion that will go away in a year or two.  I’m actually leaning towards the last option.

Oh well, Carp is Carp.



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