Snarky New Year

So, it’s the New Year, and I do believe that everyone and their grandmother has committed to some type of resolution or another, so I thought, perhaps I should take a moment to make mine.

Now, I think that 99.999% of the time, people make their resolutions based on societal norms and unrealistic dreams. The New Years resolution becomes as about as attainable as a Unicorn, and if you ask anyone… Unicorns aren’t that easy to find.

So, I decided that I’d be different, and make my New Years resolution be something that is, with a lil bit of work, realistic.

So, I present to you, People for the Un-Ethical Treatment of Asshats list of New Years resolutions, or… Resolutions for PUTA’s. (heh)

1. Attempt to blog at least once a week. Being at least semi regular will keep our readers entertained, with a lil bit of work, we’ll be able to do this for the entire year.

2. Be like Chance Samedi  I see her as the reigning Queen of Snark, also if you refer back to resolution #1, she blogs on a very regular basis.

3. Piss off everyone. This leads to people bitching about you, which leads to people being curious, they click blog links, they stumble into this crazy world, 9/10 they find something that makes them giggle.

So, that’s it. Anyone think that this list isn’t realistic enough? Oh and feel free to tell us what your resolutions are for the year.

~Carp Out

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