My dragon takes care of my therapy

There are occasions when my friends and I creep and crawl and play very near the line of insanity. We laugh at it, poke it with a sharp stick and keep moving forward, occasionally stumbling, or even dangling a foot over the edge on purpose, to dare the universe and ourselves to either keep moving or fall off the cliff.

Then, we stumble across something so unbelievably off the wall, that we take a step back, realize that we’re not crazy, the rest of the world is. Especially the world inhabited by the fluffy bunny.

Here’s the most recent example of Wondertard Psychosis in action.

“If i may , id like to discuss something that is happening to me , That im trying to understand , I was chatting with a stranger on line, when I heard in my mind a irish voice speaking , my style of writing,changed, and words i do not use were being typed. I was useing old english , I also knew I was chatting with a witch . I did not feel taken over or ruled no fear.And im not irish!! lol …. this has happend a few times , but this last time i was speakin with a voice not my own and irish , my guides are not irish , just an honest question ,I have ideals but was wanting to see if any one had experience in this blessings”

Now, of course I responded.

Lala: Hearing voices in you head might be a sign of psychosis and/or mental break down. Have you consulted a therapist?

Wondertard: my dragon takes care of my therapy thank you ,

OH.  Guess that clears that up. I’m glad to know I was corrected, he doesn’t need a therapist, though, if he pushes that dragon a bit more he might need a dragon slayer.

I have to wander away and smack my head against the wall, to make sure the crazy didn’t rub off.

~Carp out

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