An Update, or Blog Filler

Waves at everyone who might still be checking in semi-periodically.  I know, I know, I am the ‘Queen of Suck’ when it comes to blogging, my activity can be described as, ‘Sporadic’ at best.  I know. With the start of the new year, I’d hoped that I would be able to do at least 3 or more blogs a week, and I’ve really been trying to hit that personal goal, but life does tend to get in the way sometimes.

I know I’ve been preoccupied by life and things in the last few weeks. A very dear friend, and mentor has been ill, and that’s taken all of my attention. Things seem to be turning to the positive though, and while it will be a really long road, and a battle to get back to 100%, I’m very optimistic about the chances of that happening. Because, I just love to see people beat the odds and the statistics.

I’m hoping to get back in the swing of bloggy things soon. I’m sure there are some flufftastic things that I can dig up over on Twitter, or even on the FB circuit. I have some thoughts that might turn into a post about something that happened today, so we’ll see how that turns out.

While I’ve been lagging, there are always fresh blogs popping up over on the Practical Pagans Blog Anthology. So, check that out when I’m a little quieter.

Also, if anyone has any questions for me, comments, or suggestions on something to write about, feel free to contact me. There is a contact form, you can catch me on twitter, you can ask anonymously over on tumblr, or you can even find me on FB, I know a few people have figured out how to do that. Tips are always appreciated!

So yeah, this was filler. Blah blah, and oh, look an asshat! Ok, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

7 Responses to An Update, or Blog Filler

  1. Nancy says:

    I know your attention is focused on your sick friend. I’m sorry to hear about that and I hope things continue to improve. I was wondering what ever happened with all that Rain Dove stuff? I was also a member, although briefly, of her Arianrhod’s Fire group and believe it or not, was on my way to becoming a dedicant in her personal coven. Thankfully, I saw the light of her ways before getting too hurt, but a very good friend of mine wasn’t so lucky. Rain Dove has hurt so many people with her careless words and personal attacks. I even received a 3 page hand-written letter from her saying the most incredibly nasty untrue things. I was the one that blocked her on FB after receiving multiple long nasty messages. So, I know how annoying all this exchange with her has been for you. I just wondered how it all ended up. Did Rain Dove find other fish to fry? LOL

    • Ladylala says:

      The day that I posted the 2nd installment of the Rain Dove Saga, she’d actually gotten quite active on a certain page on FB. Tried to pull me into an argument, which she succeeded in doing. During this argument, she systematically removed her comments before posting a new one, and when I used some ‘colorful’ language, Rain Dove decided to ‘report’ me to fb.

      Heeding the warning, I removed the thread as I was the OP. A few minutes later, she chose to send me a private message to my inbox, which I chose not to respond to.

      When she was unsuccessful in drawing me into a longer argument, she actually did message a random person from my group on fb. The person she contacted had commented on a discussion topic that was talking about one of my blogs that Rain Dove was featured in, so we know, for a fact that she’s been lurking and reading things that have happened in our group.

      I doubt that we’ve heard the last of her, and when I have the time, inclination, or more of a story, I’m sure there will be another blog about her. There are some screen shots from the exchange on the page where the argument took place, I’ve yet to decide if I want to blog them, or let it die. Honestly, I got busy with life, so we’ll see what happens with that.

      • Nancy says:

        On thing that Rain Dove is is relentless. She won’t give up till she has the last word. I chose to not respond to a single one of her private messages to me and when they kept coming and getting nastier, I blocked her. Next thing I know, I’ve received a letter at my home from her in the mail. Can you believe that?!! I didn’t respond to that either. I haven’t heard a word from her since. My friend wasn’t so lucky. She received multiple phone calls from Rain Dove as well as private messages till she blocked her. I would never have answered the phone, but that was my friends choice. The only way to get Rain Dove to shut up is to not engage her in any form and to ultimately block her. You would think that she would have more important things going on in her life and would at some point step back and realize that she’s only making a fool of herself, but from experience, I know she just doesn’t see it. I feel sorry for her. But, I’m glad that her ways have gotten exposed by you and others. I just wish she’d stop hurting people. What comes out of her mouth and gets typed on a keyboard is very abusive if you as much as question her. She’s a bully. Rain Dove is what she is and people should recongize that now and stay away from her. I’m sorry you and others got caught up in her craziness.

        • Ladylala says:

          Wow! To take it as far as hand written letters and phone stalking, is really nuts.

          Personally, I’m not worried about her contacting me. She can respond to the blog publicly, if that’s what she wants to do, I’m not intimidated by her, and I’m used to pissing people off, read past blogs, it’s no skin off my neck, really.

          What struck me as funny, was that she contacted me, in the hopes that I would ‘Take Down’ a random pagan that I’d never met. When I looked at the site, it looked like your basic run of the mill Wiccan pages online. So, what made this one so special to become targeted? That’s why I messaged the site owner, and asked Rain Dove for more information. Which she wouldn’t/couldn’t do, and then she turned and attacked. So, true colors came out rather quickly in that instance.

          • Nancy says:

            Rain Dove thinks she has all the answers and everyone else is WRONG. So, apparently she thought this other page was spreading incorrect information or what SHE thought was incorrect info and in Rain Dove’s world that site (or person) had to be shut-up, taken down, silenced. And, when you didn’t just take her word for it and had the audacity to QUESTION her, well, she turned her full venom on you. Just Rain Dove’s modus operandi. The whole thing is very funny, because it’s amazing how far she’ll take things to get her way. I’m glad you weren’t bamboozled and intimidated by her. She got what she deserved by having the gall to come to you in the first place and make demands that she couldn’t back up. I think you handled the whole thing well and it’s up to you if you want to post anything further on that subject. Thanks for doing what you do!

          • Ladylala says:

            Well thank you for reading, and the supportive comments, they’re very much appreciated.

  2. MissAnn says:

    This conversation in the comments reminds me of something that bugs me about fluffer-nutters. They go on and on about how Christians have been persecuting pagans for 2000 years, but they do the same thing to other pagans. They try to silence those who they don’t agree with, they stage their own witch hunts and they look to have their own version of the Inquisition. And not one of them is bright enough to see that they are acting like the medieval Church. Because, like, they hate Christians and stuff too. It boggles my mind.

    That said, I am also waiting impatiently for installment four of the saga.