Hey You, Your ignorance is Showing

Back to the bloggy grindstone. Yesterday when I ran across a story that I thought was pretty interesting about the Rat Temple in India. I decided to share this story with a few groups on FB. What I found surprising, or maybe not so surprising but… disheartening maybe, is the difference in how people responded to the story. 

Now, people who are in the generic, non trad specific ‘pagan’ group were pretty open to the idea of a ‘Rat Temple’. They expressed interest, stayed open minded, shared some personal knowledge on the topic, etc.

The people who were in a more ‘Trad Specific” group on the other hand were disgusted, disrespectful and close minded to the idea of people who have beliefs that are so different to their own.  So, yet again, I found myself observing a really sad, ‘Us vs. Them’ discussion.

Here is a small sample of the types of comments that the second group had to the idea. Some are so off the wall that I’m not sure at this point that anyone really even bothered to read the article.

 That’s just nasty SMH sleeping with rats. Rats are the nastiest rodents on earth. That’s just gross and sickening. Those people need to see a psychiatry medical professional and plus evaluation.

Ok. I’ve heard the argument about rats being dirty and nasty. I happen to own “Fancy Rats” so this is nothing new. Fine, you have an opinion about rats. But, I have to say I do disagree with the second part of the comment about ‘Those people need to see a  psychiatrist or medical profession and be evaluated.” I mean really?

I am not sure about some Rats,they carry diseases,some from the pet shop is okay,but this above,no offense to Rats,but its insanity,we all know those things give diseases,finding a Rat in a NY Restaurant they can close it down ASAP! lol

Refer to my comment to the previous comment on my thoughts about this being insanity. Also, true Rats in a restaurant will cause some health concerns. Now, while that might be true, this is not a restaurant, it’s an old, sacred temple. There is a difference.

Whats the next temple? Temple of cockroaches lol

Grumble… Really, I’m not sure I can even respond to that one.  Guess it’s time to even out the conversation a little since the entire idea is being condemned.

Lala: I think it’s a great example of the embodiement of other peoples faiths. They think the rats are their ancestors in a new incarnation. To have that kind of belief and to go and sit and worship among them, to me is inspiring.

I respect all Beliefs,but i can’t respect a Rat religion…

At this point I do respond that the article is not about a ‘Rat Religion’

‎@Lala Lynn Davis Whatever it is a religion or temple, it’s still nasty. Thank Heavens very much for Voodoo.

~Head Desk~

Or sorry it looks like India,they don’t like Pork,but they can dabble in rat meat,smh

This comment speaks volumes about the group ability to comprehend what they are reading. It also illustrates a complete lack of understanding about the Hindu religion, and an utter lack of tolerance for people who believe differently than they do.  At this point the discussion has devolved to bashing, ignorance, and someone even felt the need to quote scripture at me.

It’s not worth the time or effort to copy paste, you get the general idea of where things went. Also, why bother? We’ve all seen this type of ignorance before. The entire thing leaves me shaking my head, wondering why and how these people can be so close minded.

Hopefully their gods will send them some rats in their dreams. 😉

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