Anon Stalkers, West Virginia and Joy!

This blog is dedicated to my anonymous stalker, or stalkers in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

Now, I’m going to sit back and giggle in wonderment and joy because, even though I don’t know who you are, I know that I’ve struck some chord, deep inside you, that has prompted you to pen a private blog, that links back to my site. I will however take the time to point out that the love here, is completely one-sided. You can see mine, but I can’t see yours. This makes lala sad. 🙁

Actually, I lied. It makes lala curious, because that’s what I am. Curious, in normal Attention Seeking behaviour, I’m sitting here wondering how I caught your attention, and wanting to know, is it praise, or trash talk. I can deal with either or, but I’m just dying to know.

I’m also quite curious to find out if this is a coven of flufftards, who are shaking their cowled heads at me, cursing my existence and wishing vile things on me, all the while embracing the rede, or have I caught the attention of something even more fun?

That’s right, I know my anonymous friend is in West Virginia. Maybe I’ve caught the eyes of the wonderfully delicious profiles at Quantico. Oh, mebbe the wanna follow my stream of consciousness down the rabbit hole to the muddled guttery gooey gushy center. Oh, wouldn’t that be fun!

This feels me with giggles and glee and so much joy.

Thank you, my anonymous stalker, for giving me something to think about, and I promise, I’ll blog to you again soon.

To all the rest of my favorite people, feel free to comment and tell me what your guess is, whose attention have I caught, and do you think it’s praise, or something better that’s being spoken about me?

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