Twithead Spammy Douche-Tard

I’m not very popular by twitter standards, I don’t follow very many people and I certainly don’t have too many followers. My list is manageable and full of people who I find interesting in some respect and it’s a list that I can keep up with.

I’m also really bad at following people back, I figure if people are going to follow me, then their going to follow me. If they tweet at me, and it’s not spam, I’ll respond and probably start following them. If there isn’t going to be any interraction, and you’re not someone that I’m fan-sessive about, then I don’t ever follow, I also drop accounts that I don’t find entertaining or interesting in some way.

So, today I get a notification in my email that I have a new follower.  I usually go to check out the profile to see if it’s obvious spam, or if it’s someone I might choose to follow back.

Mead Muse

@MeadMuse Florida, United States
Philosopher of Ironic Observations ~~ Old Fashioned Cauldron Stirring Wiccan Wytch of the Welsh/Celtic Tradition. Pagan writer and blogger.

Ok, profile looks interesting. Will follow for a day or two to see if I’m interested in what this person has to say.

Two hours after I decide to go ahead and follow @MeadMuse, I get a direct message…

Greetings! Interested in the Craft? Join the conversation at
Blessings! @vicconsult #AutoResponder

It’s a fucking auto-response/follow gadget and a link to their personal website. WTF! I’ve been spammed, and shadily.  What I find outrageous is, 1. I didn’t see it coming, and 2. You fucking followed me, I returned the favor (that’s what I get for using twitter etiquette) and you’re going to fucking spam me?


I un-follow you, I hope you turn into a fucking pumpkin, and I hope your site get’s eaten by hackers and finally, I hope that your dick falls off, you spammy fucking bastard.


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