Asks a Noob Question, Gets Pissed off at Noob Answer

So, I’m sure that everyone has encountered this before but I do think that it’s wildly hilarious when it happens. Also, I needed an excuse to try out a new pluggie that I recently found for the computer. It’s an Anonymizer, that means it makes everyone in a discussion anonymous, so I don’t have to try to figure out who’s given me permission to be in blogs, hiding the fluffy’s identity, etc. Yay for new toys!

Ok, I know I’m getting away from the whole point, but I’m sure most of you know that I do ramble. You’re used to it, it’s endearing…. RIGHT?








See, clearly this is a question from a seeker, or a less experienced practitioner.  A number of people responded, were quite nice and helpful, giving links, explaining how a year and a day works, etc.





This was the reaction. Basically, FUCK YOU for answering my question with some common sense, I’ve been doing this for 11 years and I don’t fucking want to hear it.

Now, I have to ask… Why ask a question if you don’t want people to respond? Simple answer? I think that the OP was trolling, hoping for some proof that people were going to be mean, that never happened. I’m sure we’ll still hear screams of persecution though.

5 Responses to Asks a Noob Question, Gets Pissed off at Noob Answer

  1. FernWise says:

    You know I might have to send her the link to this post. And to my blog when I blog about it. And thank her for the inspiration.

  2. Eric Roberts says:

    That is why they are called fluffy bunnies…

  3. Cymraes says:

    Oh my – when I checked her profile I found she was friends with a certain Christian troll who drunkenly asked to be an admin on Pagans Against Plagiarism! She’d only joined two day prior to this rather sozzled request, and of course when we said no, flounced with the bottle in her hand and almost fell over her own petticoats on the way out!

    Yes ^ this one was a troll … *sigh! But the thread she spawned was an interesting one and that’s what prolly pushed her buttons!


    ps Kwel new toy – wonder if they have those over at WP?

    • Ladylala says:

      Cymraes, I use wordpress, just on a different host. My toy is a plug in for Chrome called ‘Social Fixer’ that works with FB to undo some of the recent ‘improvements’ they’ve done to the site. I know there were other versions for different browsers, you might look into it and see if you like it.

      Also, I can’t believe someone would join a group and two days later ask to be an admin, and How did I miss it? I’m a member of the group! lol