Candles and Happy Thoughts

I know it’s been a bit of a slow week for me this week, lots of people out there stealing other people’s work, and a lot of people not understanding how copy right and attribution and all that other good stuff works, but that’s not really my full time job.

I have to admit, I wasn’t very inspired by things that have happened this week to actually pull much of anything together for a blog, thank goodness that there are some blog prompts right. This weeks prompt from Pagan Blog Prompts is, Illness.

How do you deal with illness?

Typically, if I’m not feeling well, I’ll take a couple Ibuprofin, complain a bit, and or take some cough medicine. If it’s terrible enough of a plague, I’ll go to the doctor. See, I’m not a skilled hand when it comes to herbs, and herbal remedies, and I’d rather go the route of a doctor if I need meds.

Other people being ill? Depends on the degree of sick/ill. I mean, my spawn usually only come down with sniffles and coughs that I can easily give them a dose of cough medicine, maybe a couple cough drops and they’re fine. Anything that I can’t fix that way, we go to the doctor.

Severe illness? I try to be positive and optimistic about the outcome, I’m usually the rock in this type of situation, because you have to keep everyone going, to doctor appointments, etc.

Does being sick hinder your magic work?

I suppose it would if I did any kind of regular scheduled ‘magic work’. As I don’t, It really doesn’t affect me either way.
Do you employ magic to make yourself healthy again?

I’ve allowed friends to aid in healing before. Do I do some hocus pocus and fix myself? Not really. I follow doctors orders, (for the most part) and get some rest.
What about others? Do you work magic to heal other people?

Magic is kinda subjective on this isn’t it? Will I do a healing ritual? Sure. Do I do with without explicit permission? Absolutely not.

Now, here’s the thing with the last question/query. Most people in the ‘Pagan’ flavored community, when they think of healing, they say, Oh, I’m sending healing energy your way.  What does this mean? Boiled down to the honest truth, 90% of them are lighting a candle, and thinking happy thoughts. I’m sure there are a few that sprinkle glitter everywhere, and call forth unicorns and rainbows of fucking happiness as well.  I’m really not down with that.

I think that if the situation is severe enough for you to go to the wider community in general, then you’re also in need of a whole lot more than a lit candle and some happy fucking thoughts as well, of course, that’s just me.

I think I’ve ranted enough about this one, I know, it was a bit of a Q & A with a rant attached, such is life over here on PUTA.


3 Responses to Candles and Happy Thoughts

  1. Melinda Blondeaux says:

    ive stopped “sending positive energy” a long time ago. and now that im pregnant, especially with it being very high risk, im cautious about energy work period. i agree with you. sorry but lighting a candle and thinking happy thoughts will only help a person so much. if i do any type of healing work now, its on family. for ex: my dad has a degenerating disk in his back that causes him a great amount of pain, to the point that something as simple as cleaning a bath leaves him in tears. i got him one of those heated back massagers that you can lay on, did a small healing ritual with it, and sent it to him. i sometimes do a simple distance healing for him also. you have to mean alot to me for me to do that kind of work now. i just dont feel comfortable doing that for people ive never met.

  2. Melinda Blondeaux says:


    • Ladylala says:

      Why yes, you can use the bathroom.

      Seriously though, I agree with you. Also, I’m particular about who’s energy I open myself up to, to heal, you open up a link, ick can travel back.