Obviously, You All Misinterpreted the Question


Lala Lynn Davis:  NO, the moon is gone, you and your friend fucked up, now the earth is going to spiral into the sun. Thanks a lot guys.

Lala Lynn Davis PUT IT BACK!

Lala Lynn Davis Why God, Why! Why have you forsaken us! Please, oh Please, by the Power of Tsukuyomi, please come back and brighten our night sky, and save us from dying in the fire of Amaterasu!

FWD to Today:

Bobbi:  Obviously thte question was misinterpreted by most of you, and I will be the first to say I did use horrible phrasing when asking the question. I would ask that the subject of the moon physically disappearing be dropped since I was not implying that my friend litterally took the moon out of the sky, more if he could have affected it in a negative way for it to not be visible until much much later than normal.


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