‘B’ for Bunndetta!

Happy Not Tuesday, and Good Morning to everyone out there is bloggy land! It seems that our little site is getting a fair amount of traffic today. So, I’m either doing something right, or I sure am pissing off the right people! lol. So, I know that I promised a bloggy-mini series. Guess it’s time to get that train moving. 

So, I guess it’s time for our second installment of ‘Lala Has, Leverage’, or ‘B’ for ‘Bunndetta!’

The screen shots that you are about to see, come from the page that Rain Dove was complaining about in her original message to me.

The post starts off as a question from a new-ish pagan who is looking for some guidance, etc.

Right off the bat, you can see that Rain Dove decides to do a little bit of shameless self promotion and see if she can get the ‘seeker’ over on her own turf.



When the ‘seeker’ decides that she needs to think about it, before joining the site, Rain Dove makes sure to tell her that she really NEEDS to find a mentor/teacher/ guide for her first year… (Because really, no one can figure out their path on their own right of the gate… yep.)


Now, this next screen shot, is of a Topic/Post that was made by ‘Barbara’  I made a little bit of a mistake when I was clipping it and blurring out her last name, but I do have a ‘Copy/Paste, so that you can see what was written.

 Blurred area: “The practice of wicca and the craft should always be entered into with the mind set of , first and fore most honoring the Goddess and God of our faith. Finding out if this is your path in this life time.”

Now, I have to say, I actually really like what the OP had to say on the matter. True, she’s basically telling people to do what feels right, and sometimes that leads to ultimate fluffydom, but all in all, it was a nice message, that cautions people not to dabble in things they don’t understand or aren’t ready for, which I think was the intent of the message.

Rain Dove responds, and right off the bat, it’s a bit of the, ‘It’s only right if you do it  MY WAY’ attitude.

I know, massive giggles.




But Wait… There’s Moar!  I think by this point, it becomes pretty clear that Rain Dove is really trying to spam the hell out of this page, and she’s succeeding. The Page owner hasn’t snapped at her, or told her that spam, or go join my group links aren’t allowed. (Which in all honesty, if it was MY page, I would have warned her off of that practice fairly quickly…) She’s also attempting to bully and strong arm the seekers into joining as well. My wicca is better than the wicca being presented on this page.

So, let’s take a wander over to see what kind of group Rain Dove is running. (That hole keeps getting deeper and deeper anyway.)

Turns out, her group is set to closed, so you MUST be a member before you can really see anything other than the groups name, and the group description.

Coven of Arianrhod’s Fire

Excerpts from the group description:

Some materials are the ideas, thoughts, opinions and views of Rain Dove (Suzy Jordan Smith) and the Coven of Arianrhod’s Fire and do not necessarily apply to all Traditions of Wicca, the general Craft path or Paganism. You are free to agree or disagree.

Now see, that’s cool. We know it’s your materials, opinions and views, GREAT! But now, the part about being free to disagree, if you take a moment to read some of the comments that I got from the  ‘Lala Has, Leverage.’ blog, you’ll see that a former member of the group says that this isn’t really a truthful statement.

This group is dedicated to Wicca the way that Rain Dove was taught and the Coven of Arianrhod’s Fire is seperate and autonomous from other Wiccan Traditions and groups. We are also dedicated in helping Novices and Seekers learn basic Witchcraft and Paganism. The only thing we ask .. is that everyone here .. understand and realize that THIS GROUP .. is focused on and based upon .. THE 7 CORE BELIEFS OF WICCA… which are pretty standard across the board in EVERY Wiccan Tradition and to be aware that the way you may be trained here in the U.S. is different than how you would be trained elsewhere in other countries.

The ‘Wicca, The Way that Rain Dove was Taught’… Idk, does anyone else find this part of the group description as fucking hilarious? I know that I do. Also, I think it’s time to say, I do have some very knowledgeable Wiccan friends. One flat out says that some of this is flat out fluffy crapola. But according to Rain Dove, “Every Wiccan Tradition follows a set core of beliefs” that are “Standard” I’m assuming she means, across the board. So, let’s look at those core beliefs.

The 7 Core Beliefs of Wicca are ;


This is the VERY FOUNDATION of Wicca and what we focus on in this group. This is not to say that if you don’t follow these 7 core beliefs that you are not welcome here, it is just to say this is what this group is based upon. You are welcome to share your DIFFERENCE in these beliefs if you choose , but don’t patronize, belittle or flame anyone else if they DO follow them.

Now, I sent a copy/paste of this information to some friends who know Wicca. One is a Lineaged Gard, the other is a Correlian. So I was able to get the BTW and the Neo Wiccan POV on the info. Here’s what they had to say.

  • “Traditional Wicca does not even teach anything about the after life.”
  • “nor do they impose any dogma in regards to ethics”
  • “she made up duo polytheistic – seriously lame right there. It would be dualism, duotheism or bitheism, although if one wants to get technical trad Wicca is henotheistic and most neo-Wiccans are soft polytheists…”
  • “Also lame is wasting “core beliefs” on negatives ie “we don’t believe”
  • “ya we use a different term.. diune”

It’s ok, you’re all allowed to giggle. I know I’ve been doing my fair share of it since recieving that very first message. Moving right along.

Everyone must respect one another.

Loosely translated, that means everyone must respect one another, but she herself is exempt, and I’m sure, it also means you gain favor if you don’t question here at all. Feel free to refer to the previous blog to see what happened when I did that.

We have ZERO TOLERANCE for any belittling, flaming, attacking, judgement and intolerances of other’s beliefs, opinions, thoughts or ideas or for any OTHER reason.

Again, I think this is a statement that applies to EVERYONE but Rain Dove.

Learning in a Coven or in a group can be fun, it is much more personable and it is our purpose to create ONE MIND through the group.

While it is not mandatory, we do encourage *ALL* to participate in group discussions.
While Learning from books and from others s is great, wisdom and knowledge come only through time and experiencing and living life on this path, and … is the most valuable and most rewarding way to learn it.
So please , do not expect to become all knowledgable and wise in a day, a month or even a year from being here at the Coven of Arianrhod’s Fire. Or …from attending any other group for that matter !

Any spiritual journey takes time. Be patient. Patience, perseverence, courage, strength, dedication and loyalty are what is required of you from the Gods/Goddess.
You will get out of it, exactly what you put in it.

By using this site you agree to all of the Terms and Conditions therein.

Blessed Be,                                                                                                                                                                            Rain Dove

That’s it for the group description, aside from a note about using the group via mobile, age requirements, and copy right stuff.  Really, I’m not sure WHAT ELSE I can say for this blog, I think I’ve covered most of what I wanted to, for this installment. But, fear not! I think I have enough to blog one more, tomorrow.

For now, I’ll just say, Carp Out!


12 Responses to ‘B’ for Bunndetta!

  1. MissAnn says:

    No Hell in Wicca, eh? This is the one that fluffies like to ignore… Gerald Gardner’s 161 Laws of Wicca. Rule 35, which has to do with those who break oaths, give up the location of the covenstead, betray those in the coven, clearly states:

    35.And if any break these Laws, even under torture, THE CURSE OF THE GODDESS SHALL BE
    UPON THEM, so they may never be reborn on earth and may remain where they belong, in the
    hell of the Christians.

    So right from the founder’s mouth, well pen, there is a rule of Wicca stating Hell exists and a Wiccan can end up there.

    Those who go on about no Hell are the ones who, (in my personal interactions and experience with them,) are the ones who want to behave badly, after a rather strict upbringing. Wicca becomes appealing to them, because they can ignore any punishment in the afterlife, contrary to what they were told growing up. Do drugs, get laid every night, break the rules… Just as long as you don’t hurt anyone. Wicca becomes a golden ticket to bad behavior.

    I’m going to venture a guess and say when this woman went to school, her teachers were nuns.

    • SUZY SMITH says:

      Twisting words .. is what you seem to do best. Everything you have commented to in response to my posts … is all taken and twisted what I’ve said. You are so full of CRAP .. and anyone who knows me, knows my training and knows FULL WELL .. this is NOT ALL THERE IS TO IT. Are you so stupid that you don’t? No one said anything about not having to pay consequences. If YOU knew anything about the training of WICCA .. you would ALSO KNOW THIS. Moron.

      • MissAnn says:

        Suzy, my darling girl, in what way did I twist your words? You claim no hell in Wicca and I pointed out Gerald Gardner’s rule saying there was. Don’t let your ego get in the way of the facts. Ranting and raving isn’t going to change what the rules he set forth for all Wiccans.

        This will also be my only reply to you on Lala’s blog. It is her blog, not your playground.

  2. Suzy Smith says:

    Wow, thank you so much for your *input*. And while I respect your so called “opinion” .. and of course, we all know what opinions are like, right? But while I respect your opinion LOOPY LISA … it is how I was taught. If you don’t like it, tough titty said the kitty. Go teach your own way of Wicca and leave me to teaching mine. I am a Celtic Priestess .. and contrary to what you like or don’t like about my methods, they are what they are. Are you saying its YOUR WAY THEN?? These beliefs I have pointed out are ACROSS THE BOARD in almost EVERY WICCAN TRADITION. And honestly .are you kidding me? THE CELTS WERE NOT AFRAID OF DEATH BECAUSE THEY KNEW THEY RETURNED … THIS, MY DEAR .. IS REINCARNATION , IT IS REBIRTH. Get freaking real. But hey , thanks for the publicity .. I could use it. Honestly, I do believe that you folks think you are the only ones who are right and just an FYI for you with your LONG WINDED DIATRIBE … it seems quite funny how important I’ve become to you … and how you’ve had to pay so much attention to me … I must be a real threat .. and I also hear , see and FEEL .. a tinge of jealousy. Go find yourself a toy. Maybe a spin top would keep that mind of yours from being so idle and stagnant. After all , you are a child. Toys should be right up your alley. AGAIN , thanks for the plug.
    Rain Dove

  3. SUZY SMITH says:

    <<<>>> You are dead wrong. And btw ..I don’t TEACH TRADITIONAL WICCA. I teach CELTIC WICCA. There *is* a difference. And IN YOUR TEACHING OF WICCA .. you may not teach about the “after life” .. but WE DO in Celtic Wicca. The Celts were not afraid of death, because they KNEW everything returned …and without my having to go into alot of detail .. ((and… if you had any SENSE about you when it comes to CELTIC WICCA, which you do not.. and is SOOO very obvious that you don’t)) .. if you knew anything about the teachings of Celtic Wicca, you would KNOW THAT. But you are not Celtic. So why are you here trying to TELL ME about MY TRADITION? If you want to teach, then go teach. I don’t think you are capable , actually. It seems you’re too busy trying to tell everyone else that IS teaching .. how wrong they are. So who is it .. that thinks everything should be THEIR WAY???? ME.. OR YOU? I do believe you have THAT ONE .. a bit backwards .Loopy Lisa.

    <<<>> UNFORTUNATELY, it is quite obvious ONCE AGAIN .. how dumb you really are. Are you saying that you do not know what the word DOGMA means?. Dogma is a SET OF BELIEFS. And sorry , but Wicca has a SET OF BELIEFS.

    First and foremost , IT IS NOT A WORD THAT IS MADE UP. That word was passed down to me in an explanation from someone that I trust and respect in Celtic Wicca. Someone who is an ELDER in our community .. WAY MUCH MORE KNOWLEDGABLE THAN YOU. Take my word for it.

    <<<>>> Wicca is a religion and YES , we *do* believe. And yes, we HAVE core beliefs that are pretty much THE SAME .. across the board. Why don’t you stick to what you know best? Which is peasantry mysticism .. isn’t that what you call yourself? So I suppose you made up THAT word ? Hmm.. never heard of Paganmysticism …something YOU made up , I suppose? LAME …LAME LAME LAME. Its just a disguise to hide behind that nasty, hateful , vindictive mouth and mind of yours. Instead of attacking people .. OF COURSE YOU’LL BE NEXT TO BE TAKEN DOWN OFF OF FACEBOOK .. but why don’t you grow up .. and learn how to do something constructive for the community .. instead of attacking everyone in it? Just in case you don’t know … WE DONT’ TEACH FLUFF .. so get off of our back … and find someone who cares what you have to say.

  4. SUZY SMITH says:

    BTW … rule 35 is for breaking oaths .. and if someone breaks an oath . THEY BELONG WITH THE CHRISTIANS .. most Wiccans do not believe in any hell .. that doesn’t mean they don’t believe in REPERCUSSION .. OR CONSEQUENCES. Again, you are twisting words.If you had any sense whatsoever .. I MEAN WHATSOEVER .. it would quite adult of you .. to talk with me and find out what I mean .. before jumping to conclusions about what I mean and than making your OWN determinations about what it is I am saying. It is very apparent that you do not. So my advice to you .. is to find out your facts .. before you post something about what I’ve said. Of course, seeing how you are NOT an adult ,I guess acting like one is totally out of the question. Well, this just figures. And is EXACTLY WHY .. I have blocked you on my facebook account. You are a smart ass .. a know it all … and have literally found me threatening in some kind of way .. which I find hilarious .. because what you are doing is not doing a thing but helping me. People who know me, Loopy Lisa .. know better than anything YOU could possibly say. Go get a life. A real life.

  5. SUZY SMITH says:

    Oh .. and one more thing .. which will be my LAST thing I have to say to the likes of you .. THE WICCA .. presented on KARDIA’S PAGE .. is NOT WICCA. And I am not saying that MY GROUP is BETTER THAN HERS .. I did , in fact .. TELL OTHERS WHO ARE SEEKING WICCA .. to find themselves someone WHO DOES teach WICCA .. if they did not come to our group. I don’t care where they go .. BUT KARDIA IS NOT TEACHING WICCA. She is ecclectic .. and that is NOT WICCA .. she is not teaching WICCA .. she is teaching MONOTHEISM … she is not teaching Wicca .. SHE IS TEACHING how to put the Goddess back IN A BOX .. WITH THE GOD ..TURNING THEM INTO ONE .. Sorry , but once the big bang happened,. THERE WAS NO MORE ONE. The God and Goddess are independent of one another. They are not together .. as one. And again, if you knew what YOU were talking about, you would also know that. Gods, next time, just mkae things easier for yourself … and get your facts first. You have just made a total fool out of yourself.

    • SUZY SMITH says:

      I just hope those people over there find SOMEONE .. and SOME PLACE .. besides THAT ONE .. to learn Wicca. I don’t CARE if they come to ME or not… again, you’ve jumped to conclusions .. and made judgements and determinations about what I’m saying .. when you haven’t even SPOKEN to me. You are one real dull knife in the drawer.

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  7. Veronica says:

    WOW!!! I have more if you would like it for use in this blog, and I know others that may be willing to participate. Of course, you don’t have to blog about it anymore really….here she is….bombing your page and proving your point all on her lonesome. She basically takes all the work out of it for you dosen’t she??

    • Ladylala says:

      Yeah, it’s definitely one of those times when the blog just writes itself.

      Feel free to share your experience in the comments, or you can message me via the contact page.

  8. Veronica says:

    To put it real nice and simple, if that is even possible where Soggy is concerned…. (I heard that somebody referrs to her as Soggy Bird and I found it appropiate)….She is a bully. To make it even worse, I was once a bully for her causes. I don’t like to admitt that fact, but how can I grow if I don’t? She pokes around and looks for things that SHE deems wrong. Then she gets to jumping up and down and raising hell about it in her group,and encourages them to join in the fun of rippin someone a new one. That’s what her coven page is for….so she can have an army. She speaks to the people in the coven group and really, to people in general like she is the Goddess herself and what she has to say is the end all be all. It’s a sad thing really that she’s 54 yrs old (a fact she liked reminding my 29 yr old self of often) and still behaving in this manner. I am so glad to be done with her and her BS. I am a happier person now, and actually ENJOY my path again.