Lala has, “Leverage”

So, do you guys remember me saying that I felt like I was guest starring in my own ‘Pagan’ flavored episode of “LEVERAGE” earlier this week? If you’re just tuning in, the reference come’s from my ‘Where’s My Bat Signal‘ blog.  I realize that a random person I don’t know has contacted me to take down another pagan I don’t know because they have a weird, twisted vendetta. Well, now it’s time to share that story. 

I’ve decided to present the story in screen captures. For one, it’s proof that I’m not making this shit up as I go along, for two, I still can’t really believe that it even happened.













At this point, I’m staring blankly at the screen… Trying to figure out what’s going on.   Before I get to the next Screen Shot, I have to say, ignore the red box. That was an editing error that I made and I didn’t realize it until I’d already saved it.










At this point in time… I’ll admit I’m curious. I decide to thank the person and start looking at the links, etc and see if I could figure out what was going on.  The response after me showed up today.

Now, I guess I should take a moment to explain now, I’m not Wiccan. I’m not really even all that interested in Wicca, or it’s different traditions. When I have a question or questions about the path, I’ll look it up, or ask a friend. I know a handful of people who can speak with some authority on the subject.  I pointed out the ‘Rain Dove’ that I wasn’t a wiccan.  As you can see, I even asked her for some examples of what she was talking about.

































I actually cropped that last one just right that you can see, Rain Dove has turned into a ‘Ball of Fury’, kinda like when my rats go a little nuts and start to spar with one another. All fluff, fur and furious motion.

What I really get a kick out of, is her statement that I’ve become ‘Chummy’ with the person she’s complaining about. See, she’s the one that pointed the page out to me. While I was waiting for her to tell me explicitly what she had an issue with, I joined/liked the page.  First and foremost, to save it so I knew how to find it again, and also, to dig through it and see if I could find what she was talking about.

Also, here’s the thing. I wanted to stay neutral, and make my own decision on the whole mess. If people you don’t know message you, making wild claims about people you don’t know, you either ignore them, or go wander over and investigate. You might even be interested in hearing the other persons side of things.

But, I’m wandering off base. See, I liked the page, and was responded to, and suddenly…. Flashing alarm lights, bells and whistles… I’m Chummy, with the page owner.  See…









I’m really starting to think that I was never supposed to look at the whole thing objectively. I was expected to come racing in here, and blog up a smear campaign pointed at the person that Rain Dove is complaining about. I was supposed to TAKE HER WORD FOR IT.

Which to me, is doubly funny when you think about it. Here she is, in MY Inbox raging about other people posting misinformation, and about how people need to do research, etc. (I’m paraphrasing and if she didn’t say those words, they were implied) and yet, I’m supposed to take her word, at face value, and call forth the hounds, create a virtual smear campaign, all because why? Wait for it…

She was trolling the page, to attract members to her own group, and slamming the page owners and admins. When members/fans of the page reacted, she decided she wanted vengeance.

Of course, those will be screen shots, in the next installment.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride so far.













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