New Lala-ism: Stalker

Stalker: An asshat who no longer bears you good will but continues to lurk and creep and surveil you and kind of gets off knowing that you are aware of their presence.

*like words: creep

*could indicate fixation, obsession, anti-social tendencies (lmfao hoping this person reads this before you block..I have a few of these in my life..bahahaha)

Stolen from, or Written By Emily, for a lala-ism entry

2 Responses to New Lala-ism: Stalker

  1. Melinda Blondeaux says:

    like i said on your fb, dk what the point of unfollowing someone is if you’re just gonna keep subscribing to their posts. i had a similar problem on my twitter. someone unfollowed me, but decided they like my posts so much that theyd check my account and rt my posts every now and then. thats when you start posting either crazy or creepy ass sh!t just to fuck with them XD

  2. Emily says:

    You’re a laugh riot! thanks for making people smile everyday! *flattered*