Changing for the sake of others?

Warning, this is going to be a bit of a rant about family. If you’re not interested in a good rant, now might be a good time to back away slowly.  Don’t worry, I’m still going to use the blog to point out the Asshats and the fluffy, but this is about asshats in the family.

I have 3 demon spawn, one is now a teenager and I’ve decided that she’s old enough to have a FB profile, that I have locked down and am going to monitor her activity on.  I think that’s the right thing to do if you’re going to allow your kid on FB, but that’s not what I’m ranting about. I told her that she needed to pick a fake first name, and that we weren’t going to use any pictures of her on the profile, b/c that’s just a safety issue.  We decided on this picture.










Not only is this pic mom approved and lets her be anonymous, but the spawn thinks it’s cute too.  So, we get the profile set up, I allow her to log on and to add a few friends. Among the list of people she’s added, is her father.

Fast Forward to this morning. Her dad wants her to change the profile picture on the profile to something else. Why? Because, it’s a ‘Devil’ Squirrel, and his family members will question this and not approve of it.


Now granted, if she wants to change the picture to something else, that’s a conversation that we need to have, her and I and then we can decide what to change it to, but I don’t see what the fucking problem is about using the Devil Squirrel. IT IS CUTE!

Apparently, the problem is…. Wait for it… That HIS FAMILY….. Is CHRISTIAN…. OMG…. WTF! How dare we pick a picture that says ‘Devil’ in it! We’re offending their delicate sensibilities! I swear to  Gods, if they want to pull the ‘Pearl Clutching’ because she used that profile picture, there’s a lot more wrong with them than I originally thought.

Add to this, the fact that they aren’t even on her friends list yet. I mean, really? I have doubts about adding them at all, considering that she doesn’t know them in real life, and I don’t know why it is all that damned important to add them, to her FB profile. Being friends with someone on FB doesn’t negate the fact that they are a blood relation, but, it also doesn’t do anything to strengthen that either.

It’s a freaking picture.

It’s a cute picture.

It’s an anonymous LOL picture so that we don’t have a personal pic on the profile.

There shouldn’t be a problem with it.

Of course now… Being the ass that you all know me to be, I’m wondering if I should find something really fucking outrageous to put up there, let’s see if we can get that extended family to have an aneurism…

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