Fucked off Policies and Groups

A new group has popped up on FB and wouldn’t you know it, I was added to it. In the normal FB fashion, I was added without prior knowledge of its existence and without permission.

Now, I know that I RAGE, GRIPE and COMPLAIN each time this happens, but the people on the PM friends list, still continue to do it. I wonder, are they really paying attention when they decide to do it?

But really, I’m Fucking tired of FB’s policy and the way they have it set up now. If someone wants to INVITE you to participate, you should get an invitation. There should be no adding without permission, plain and simple. Not only that, but I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t enjoy waking up to an email box, full of notifications about a group that I’ve never heard of, because not only was I added without permission or approval, I was also automatically subscribed to every Fucking Mouse Fart action that happens in that group!

Moving along. This new group on FB has decided to name itself ‘Pagan Pryde’ (The FUCK?!) Do they think they’re extra’s from The Lion King? Seriously. More-fucking-ronic!

The group has no ‘About’ or Description and it’s also set as secret, so I don’t have much that I can share in that respect.

I decided to post a question before leaving,  about why had I been added without permission.  The groups owner/creator responded. I’d left before I got a screen shot of his final response to me, that ‘If you don’t like it, you’re free to leave.’ So glad that I retained the freedom to leave. I would have poked out my own eyes if I’d been forced to Stay.

Oh, and here’s my screen shot.

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