Say Goodbye to your Soul

Since the PaganMystics profile on FB tends to hover around the 5,000 friend limit, we’ve had to get a lil pickier about who we decide to approve as friends to that account. That means actually clicking the profile link and wandering over to see who it is that wants to connect with that account.

Yesterday, I found that a familiar deity not only has an account on FB, but that she’d found me and wanted to be friends. 

Morrigan WarGoddess (Fluff E. Bunny*)


I created Morrigan over 4 yrs ago and have roleplayed her for nearly that long, she is the soul that drives me and my spirit that guides me … She is the Phantom Queen, Mother, And your worse Nightmare!

Morrigan is a very determined individual, always getting what she seeks … Apart from seeking the blood of those who shudder as she walks by, her family is far from ordinary.

It is said that no one, and I mean no one crosses Morrigan and lives, nor that of her children … As for her siblings, well, she is apart of a twin brother, whom like herself is evil in nature, never giving an inch, tormenting those who show pitiful mercy for those who have not a backbone, for they are weak, therefore have no reason to live! It is said that to walk in the full moonlight is to call her to you, only to find it your last night on earth!

Now I had to take a moment to chuckle a bit about the audacity of using the name of this grand goddess, especially when I considered that lady herself might choose to eat the soul of this hapless bunny.

* The name on the account has been altered so as to not draw trolls to the profile. 

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