Now that I’m trying to keep up with more than one piece of blog-estate (Think real estate that is virtual bloggishness) I’m keeping up with my feeds on the Google Reader, as well as running into some pretty interesting stuff over on Tumblr. Some of it’s really pretty cool, some of its fluffy (you expect it) and there are lots of shiny pictures over there.

So, when I was checking out the site stats for PUTA tonight, I noticed that there was a list from Tumblr. that was referring/linking the blog. I had to go check it out. Lots of blogs that I hadn’t come across and then, the one that I’m going to tell you about now.

if you run a decent witchcraft/pagan blog.
like/reblog. + if you have tips & info on your blog (on meditations, spells, crystals, astrology, etc)

Now, I know this isn’t a ‘Decent’ blog. We’re very indecent around here, we like to use foul language and we like to skewer the fluffy bunny and make shish ka bob.

That said… I have to ask, WHY? Why do you have to blog about meditation, spells, crystals, etc. to be considered a ‘Decent’ Pagan blog? Are historical posts not decent?

I have to point out, that while I’m the foul-mouthed goddess who’s going to pick on everything and everyone, I have to say, that the affiliate blogs that are found on Practical Pagans are written by knowledgeable pagans, from multiple paths, and I don’t think any of them spend the majority of the time talking about any of those topics.

In the world of the Fluffy Bunny, tailor-made by the folks over at Llewellyn, it’s not real paganism unless there are sparkles, Pixy Dust and Faerie Wings.

Excuse me while I blow chunks.

“Decent” pagan blogs… Fucking assclown. Not only that, but I want to point out the sheer unbridled laziness of this blog owner. If they’re going to decide which topics make a pagan blog ‘decent’ why don’t they pull the bedazzled wand from their ass, and go search them out on their own? Why sit back and scream lazily, like a dumb fuck for others to do it for you?

Welcome to the age of Mc Wiccans, can we take your order? Would you like fries with that? Welcome to the Buffet!


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