Fun and Randomossity

So, this past week, there was quite a fun topic bouncing around. #ShitPagansSay

So, I thought I’d make a list of some of my favorites.

“And now we will call on Kali as the gentle, nurturing Goddess of the Dawn.” #ShitPagansSay

“I was a Wiccan high priestess during the Burning Times.” #ShitPagansSay

“Honey? Have you seen my ebony wand? No, the OTHER ebony wand!” #ShitPagansSay

“I use magic all the time! This morning I invoked Loki to keep my coffee warm!” #ShitPagansSay #HeWasntKidding

“My witch bloodline goes back to the 1300’s” (She’s adopted.) #ShitPagansSay

But don’t you know I was *insert name of famous dead person here* in a past life?! #ShitPagansSay

You will never understand me like my cat does! #ShitPagansSay

#shitThisPaganSays Flaky energy problem? Use lead, it’s for grounding. Just shoot her.

Don’t even MENTION Loki! Do you really want that energy around here? #ShitPagansSay

RT: “I can’t find my keys – fu@$ing faeries!” #ShitPagansSay”

Always remember and honor the Wiccans who were burned at Salem! #shitpaganssay

@MrsOddly No, you can’t stab your brother with Daddy’s athamae! #ShitPagansSay *real convo at our house last week*


What on Gaia’s green earth are you doing #ShitPagansSay

That girl’s negative energy makes me wanna run and get my biggest quartz crystal. #ShitPagansSay

Sorry you’re having a bad day. Let’s go to my house and watch Charmed. #ShitPagansSay

I don’t used a leash when walking my dog. I use a binding spell. #ShitPagansSay

Oh My Gods! The Basil Died! – #ShitPagansSay

4 Responses to Fun and Randomossity

  1. MissAnn says:

    I don’t use Twitter, but I have one for you. This is a true story.

    Him: I’m a “Chee-ack” Wiccan.

    Me: A what?

    Him: “Chee-ack.”

    Me: I’ve never heard of that.

    Him(three inches from my face.): “Chee-ack!” Seax! “Chee-ack!” It’s Celtic and the most ancient form of Wicca.

    Me: Oh, you mean the Wicca Raymond Buckland invented in 1972?

    The conversation truly deteriorated from there.

  2. Lecia says:

    Met for coffee with Witchvox contact after moving to new area.

    her (out of the blue, very proud): “I can cleanse your house, if you’d like.”
    me: “No, that’s ok, I already have.”
    her (air of fluffy superiority): Well, let me know if you need someone to do a better job.”
    me: o_O

    • Ladylala says:

      WOW! Haha! That has to make you giggle in retrospect, but were you fuming when it happened?

      Thanks for sharing your story with us! It’s great!