Oh Sheri

Even when you think that a post is going to turn out to be really ‘Drama Free’ it has a way of sneaking up and biting you in the ass.  Over in one of the groups that I frequent, one of the Admins had posted a discussion that was really a simple reminder to all members that everyone has different opinions, and that while some might come on a lil strong, the best way to deal with it was to stand your group, or ignore the people who you didn’t really want to bother with.

I am paraphrasing the gist of it really, as it’s not really what’s important, just the setting for today’s lil mini drama.

In walks in someone with a chip on her shoulder, who has called me a bully in a past encounter, and I do believe that she’s been featured in a blog before.

Again, not really all that important, but she walks in, and posts…

Now, really this begs the question, WHAT THE FUCK is a Natural Born Pagan??


It was also a question that would have to be asked repeatedly before Sheri ever really bothered to respond to it, but I think I’m getting ahead of myself.



Now, see this post is in direct response to everyone who has responded to the thread so far, inquiring as to what a ‘Natural Born Pagan’ is.

Other participants to the thread are discussing possible definitions of what Natural Born Pagans might be. As you can see by the top post in this pic, Marek is responding to that, and then asking the question again for Sheri, who had originally brought it up in the discussion.

Also, he’s asked if she’s trolling to be a troll, to get a reaction, etc.  You can see that while she chooses not to respond to thee  ‘NBP’ question, she does respond to the question about trolling.

Oh look! She’s finally answering the question!!!!

Ummm, ok, so it’s a fluffy answer, but we KNEW that was going to happen. At least the question got answered.

So, at this point you would THINK that things might actually calm down right?  Well, I suppose it does, and then it really doesn’t, because now the FLUFF is just full on happening.

Oh. See now we’re all bullies. WHY? We questioned her on what a Natural Born Pagan was.

OUR BAD! I know we all should have smiled and nodded. Maybe even mimicked monkeys and scratch our butts happily as she was posting.


Now, something REALLY interesting happens. Mal responds to the thread. Mal is Sheri’s friend, he should be able to disagree with her without repercussions, right?

No, not really. She continues to bitch, scream, whine and complain about being bullied in the group.

Ok, so now Mal shares his opinion of the situation. Not much narration needed here, it speaks for itself.



Uh-oh, Mal disagreed with her. Wrath! There will be wrath!


Look! There’s Keri! She asks some really good questions right here.


Another good point from Keri.


Intermission with screen shots.

Oh, I remember. Right before the next post that you see in screen shot, Sheri has accused Mal of being a liar, and a dick, and a few other things. There was also a discussion about a blue vibrator.

Look, it’s Keri again. She’s gone Full on Nancy and is done with the thread.


Not much narration needed here either.





Screen Shot Intermission

Now at this point, I’m a bit perplexed. When you think about the rules of nature, you expect there to be some sort of balance involved don’t you?

My response to the thread, via the Pagan Mystics profile as Sheri had blocked me after our first encounter:   “So, the natural order of things is sharing and caring? Love and Light? What about survival of the fittest? What about predators eating prey? What about letting the nature of the disease or the wound take it’s course… naturally?”

I’m sad to inform you, she never does answer that question, or even really respond to it at all. It doesn’t exist to her.

Enter Blackbird.


My gods! She answered the question and it didn’t have to be repeated 10,000 times!

You gotta admit, Blackbird makes an excellent point right here.


Nothing is ever resolved for this bunch of craziness either. Sheri is perfectly comfortable in being ignorant on things that have anything to do with History, logic, etc.

She proves again and again throughout the entire discussion that she’d rather stick to some very fluffy ideals, and weird McWiccan terminology and labels.  When questioned, Sheri decides to play the persecution and bully cards.

You’d think that a grandmother would be old and wise enough to realize that not everyone is going to accept everything she has to say at face value. I’m a bit afraid of how skewed the minds of those she’s raised are to be perfectly honest. But hey, whatever.

It’s just a sad state of affairs. She wants to educate the young pagans of fb, but she can’t even handle a discussion where people disagree with her, and her unwillingness to answer question, even when they’re asked politely, blows my mind.

Well, that’s it for this installment. You know, it’s carp! Until next time!

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