So, yet again I find myself banned and blocked by a group. This is in no way shape or form something new for me, as I’ve been banned from quite a few places, and most of the time, it was very deserved. I mean, I’ve always thought that if you’re going to be banned, at least make it memorable and worth the effort on the part of the group admins right?

Here’s the thing though. Today, I was banned and blocked, removed from people’s friends lists, etc. With no warning, no message or explanation as to why, etc. I was there one moment, and then suddenly, the next, I was gone.

Ok… Take a moment to let that sink in.

As far as I know, I didn’t do anything ban worthy in the group. That’s what bothers me about the situation. Where was the courtesy of the administration team? Hey, lala, you broke this rule, or you did this wrong, and so we’re going to remove you from the group. I wasn’t even part of any argument there at any time recently. While I can think of one reason that might have led to the banning, no one even mentioned it, and so I’m not sure if it was that or not. (A recent blog post if you really want to know.)

So, I sit here, and giggle at the cowardice of people, and their inherent lack of professional courtesy. See, I’d been a member of said group for almost 5 years. I’d done my best to support their endeavors and their multiple sites in various forms and flavors. While I wasn’t always able to be a daily participant, I did check in on a regular basis.

There and gone. What to do? Can’t message the groups owner/lead admin. He was on my friends list, now I’ve been unfriended and or blocked by him…. OK.  Ask another admin. I know it’s kinda breaking the rule of dealing with the person who you need to deal with, but I was going to get no answers that way. So, I message. This is the reason I got back.

sis I really dont know exactly what happened but it seems that he feels you really didnt wanna be part of the group

Now, this is the moment when I bounce my head off the desk. I mean really? For one, this shows the utter lack of communication that happens between the administration of this organization. Two, I’ve been a fairly regular participant. Now, I have been absent for the last few weeks, for obvious reasons. What is really fucking stupid, why not message me and ask?

Goes back to that whole cowardice thing again doesn’t it.

If someone is supposedly your friend, or even a valued member of your group as you’ve made the claim in the past, why not face the issue head on, and message that person? Or, if they broke a rule, why not message them, or let them know what they did wrong? I think that makes too damned much sense in the scheme of things, it’s the adult thing to do, heaven forbid adults actually act like what they are, adults.


I know, it’s no real great loss to be excluded from the group. It wasn’t my specific flavor, and while I did enjoy popping in from time to time, I know that I’m not really missing out on a whole lot. It just bugs me that no one could man up and actually say anything about what they intended to do.

Oh Well. Live and Learn.

I’m betting I’d have more fun not being there anyway.

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