Too Much Happy, It Hurts

Seriously. When I wake up in the morning, if I see this… It makes me want to smack a bitch.
This is NOT what I want to see, first thing Sunday Morning, in the group. There’s no reason for that much happy and pep, unless of course you woke up next to this
and if you did, then I really, really hate you, because I didn’t get to wake up to that. lol.
Here’s what we got at too damned early for that much happy o’clock today.
Nikki Sunshine: GOOOD Monday morning my friends…Hope you all had a wonderful weekend…For those that went to Sneaky Sound System – how AMAZING were they…Boy that girl can sing…How lucky were we to have such a talented band in Leeton…Was great to see sooo many Griffith & Narrandera friends there too…

Tarot speaks of educational success today or leading to new courses…You will have a wonderful day at school or higher education today…Something to write home about…If you are contemplating a course – this says – GO FOR IT…Take the steps to work in your passion & soar through life…

Moon is in Taurus today…This will help couples & friends to have heart to hearts & help with love…Expect to feel all loving today, loving your partner, your food, your job, your everything…Please watch th…
Seriously? Wtf? 
My Admin is staring at the screen, my group members are going “Nooooo, The Happy It Burns”
Nikki Sunshine: Hi Blackbird, I thought I would start sharing my posts on here too, spread it EVERYWHERE…Thanks Shae, sooo glad to hear all is well with you too…Cool bananas, loads of love & blessings back to you my sweet…xxx

OMFG! She thinks she’s Ruby Rod!
Lala: Posts from what exactly? Now see if you have a pertinent question to ask the group, want to start a discussion, etc. That’s great, that’s fine. Wonderful. But see… 

None of us know you, so this looks like disjointed, super happy, what kind of crack did she smoke this early in the morning, OMG too happy, let’s stone her self promotional garbage.

Nikki Sunshine: Best of luck Kerian…My goodness, shall send you light my love…Lala, I have been added to this group AGES ago, thought, ooops, best share…My posts from my profile & Little Shop Of Wicca…If this is not okay with you, that is fine & sending you all love, light, health & happiness…xxx
Kinda head-desked right there, but ok. Let them eat her soul, it’ll be fun. 
Lala: OH, you’ve been here for ages. ok, carry on.
Morgan: all this light is going to give me a sunburn….perhaps an intro might be a better way to start? Just a thought…
Nikki Sunshine: Thanks my love…I havent added anything due to notifications not coming on my end & discovered this morning, sooo thought – well, best share & get positivity out there everywhere…xxx
Thanks my love…I havent added anything due to notifications not coming on my end & discovered this morning, sooo thought – well, best share & get positivity out there everywhere…xxx
ha Morgan, I will not give you sunburn, ha ha ha…Please check out my profile my love & you will see all that I LOVE to do…xxx
Shae: Just what AGE are we speaking on? I mean does it go ALL the way back to the beginning of wicca or something less ancient? Because I haven’t seen you before, and to see all this saccharine glitterati floating in the air is frankly making my teeth hurt. As for your profile..I usually do that to those who intrigue me ~shrugs~
Morgan:  I just checked your profile, actually. Curiosity and all that. Australia must be interesting this time of year, the cycle being opposite of here and all…
Kerian Nox ‎~hard laughter~ You’ve been here a while, and haven’t picked up on the idiosyncracies and obvious dynamics of this group? Hang on, I need popcorn. This is about to get good.
By the way, your “light”, is soundly rejected and quite unwanted, “my love”. If I want light, I’ll strike up a candle. We don’t take kindly to smothering folk.
However, if you’re just offering a buffet, I’m sure I can find others to come and partake, since you’re so freely pouring yourself out.
Shae:  happy spam? Well fuck! Hands out the forks and plates
Blackbird : ‎Nikki  – you have a personal page for a reason. If we wanted to read those posts, we’d be your friends. I have no interest in your life story in an open group meant to *discuss* paganism If we wanted to read those posts, we’d be your unless it is relevant to a *discussion.* You’re personal post and thinking anyone, but your friends care to read your “day” is pretty egotistical to say the least.
There was a little bit more to this, but she deleted the thread and I’d switched pages for a moment, so I didn’t get it all. But really, that’s what happiness gets you that early in the damned morning. 
Well, that, and spitting sunshine and glitter on all of us with self promotional rainbow shit with glitters. We don’t really care for it. 

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