Stupid does hurt…

At least, it does those who have to witness it.

Here are a few random tid-bits that might make your head implode, taken from a blog here

First off, the Blogs Name, ‘Never again the Burnings…’ You know that your in for trouble, I mean really? Who else but someone with a persecution complex is going to latch onto that and use it for a blog name?

Q & A Excerpts:

Q: Do you worship the Christian God?

A: Of course. God is God. We all worship the same God. We just have different ways of doing it.

Oh Gods! So, not only are we going to reference the Burning Times in the blog title, but we’re going to jump right into the, ‘All Gods are One God’ argument. Really? Seriously? You wanna ride that fence?

Q: Do you have a familiar?

A: Not exactly. I got a tarantula as soon as I found out my spirit animal is the spider, and I’m considering making her a familiar.

Can anyone tell me what exactly goes into ‘making’ an animal/pet your familiar? Seriously, I think it’s an altogether fluffy term that is latched onto by the fluff ball crowd who sits and home, has no social life, and had 53 cats in various stages of age, etc.

There is also so much more that can be picked out of this particular blog entry, but really… You get the point.

Yeah, I’m so not in a spectacular mood right now. People are whining about me being mean… Funny, they haven’t been blog fodder, wonder if I should blog about them next.

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