Where’s My Bat Signal?

Wow. Today has definitely been One of Those Days. Really, when I wandered to the computer today, I really had no idea what was waiting for me. The last thing I expected was a message to my FB account, from someone I don’t know, about someone I don’t know. Random? I’ll say.

At this point, I sleepily remember that I got some weird cryptic txt message about this to my phone. Yeah, when you link your phone to your FB account, you’d be surprised on what kind of stuff that pops up. But, I follow some really twitteriffic people on twitter, so it got lost with the mornings 20+ quota of tweets. TBH, they all bleed together when I’ve just woken up.

So, I read this random message. Then I re-read this message. Then it dawns on me. The person who has written to me, is seeking help, with their own personal vendetta against someone else in the ‘Pagan ‘ community.

The Fuck?

Dude! I’m guest starring in my own fucking pagan flavored version of ‘LEVERAGE’!!! This makes me giggle. It’s also a bit reminiscent of BatMan. If you don’t see the similarity, then fuck you.  But suddenly, I’m envisioning this EPIC ‘Pagan In Distress’ LALA signal in the sky! You’re Damned right I want one!

For now, I’m just going to have to gaze upon this…. And Dream…


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