WTF? Trolls of the Universe

Oh, it has definitely been, ONE OF THOSE DAYS.

I was quite certain when I woke up this morning that the Universe was fucking with me, and I think I was right. Start at point A where I was so pissed off for not being allowed to remember a dream, to posting about it. To then starting to settle in to the weirdness, someone who’s asked for my help on ‘Taking Down’ another playgan, to the really wild, wtf moment of someone who’s decided to do an epic “FLOUNCE AND BOUNCE” popping up and liking things on my feed.

Seriously,  I know this is going to be a little bit ranty, but, how else would you react to a situation like this?  I really don’t care if someone decides to throw a hissy fit, a fairly public one at that. Then decide to delete me from their friends list, really without any cause, aside from the fact that I’m friends with the people they decided to argue with and eventually get themselves banned from a group.

But then, after all this. Tantrum time to, Fine I’m not your friend anymore… There, I’ve deleted you….

WHY in the Wide Fucking World, would you continue to LIKE my status updates, pictures and links?


I could totally answer that question too, but I’m choosing to not use any names right now. Those who are closest to me, or who were present in the group in the past two weeks already have a pretty fair idea of who I’m referring to.

It’s kinda a mind fuck really, so twisted that brain matter will start to leak out of your ears if you think about it for too long anyway.

Tantrum, full one toddler like, on the floor, kicking, crying and shrieking. Deciding that you’re not friends with the people involved anymore… OK…. But, you still want to LIKE my stuff? It really doesn’t make any sense to me.

IDK, does it make sense to you?

In other news, I’m working on a rather interesting blog, that as of now, might actually have to be covered in multiple blogs.  It’s that juicy, and that epicly twisted.  I think I mentioned a bit about it  in last nights blog.

Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss out on what will be popping up tomorrow.

It’s a doozy!


Really? Seriously? WTF?


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