Daily Archives: February 8, 2012

New Lala-ism: Stalker

Stalker: An asshat who no longer bears you good will but continues to lurk and creep and surveil you and kind of gets off knowing that you are aware of their presence.

*like words: creep

*could indicate fixation, obsession, anti-social tendencies (lmfao hoping this person reads this before you block..I … Read the rest

101 and Counting!

We’ve reached blog number 101!

Break out the party favors!

Our last blog, WTF? Trolls of the Universe was lucky blog 100!

So, I really do hope that you’ll all help me celebrate this most auspicious occasion!

Here’s to the next 100!… Read the rest

WTF? Trolls of the Universe

Oh, it has definitely been, ONE OF THOSE DAYS.

I was quite certain when I woke up this morning that the Universe was fucking with me, and I think I was right. Start at point A where I was so pissed off for not being allowed to remember a dream, … Read the rest