Stick in the ass? PSA

Far too many people in the world suffer from stick in ass disease.

Warning signs include but are not limited to: General Grumpy dispositions, failure to see the humor in situations and postings, and a tendency to get offended when I tend to share an opinion.

If you know someone … Read the rest

PaganMystics Community on Ning is scheduled to close

This announcement is being posted in this blog to spread the word that the community is closing for a short time while it moves.


A message to all members of PaganMystics Community

This message is to inform all of our members that the Ning site is scheduled to be … Read the rest

Another Group of Fluff

Not sure how many times I have to say it, but I guess it’s time that I say it again. Do Not Add me to random ‘Pagan’ Flavored groups without my explicit permission. More than likely, I’m not interested in the ‘wisdom and knowledge’ that you’re sharing and will consider … Read the rest

God is a Computer Tech

So, I had the opportunity to meet God the other day. Imagine my surprise when I found out that he was a computer tech, and has a profile on Facebook.


You can find him here:

See, he’s  a computer and Software repairer at Coputer and softwear repari. (God’s … Read the rest

You’re not Toasted

It’s time for a new lala-ism, new vocabulary is always so much fun!

Everlasting Gobbstoppered: A persons state of being after drinking juju liquor.

No no, you’ve been Willy Wonka’d, and Witchfucked with Liquor that has its own mysterious juju and ability to change it’s flavor with each and every … Read the rest

An Ode To my Stalker

So, recently I’ve been plagued with a stalker on my FB profile. Those who follow and talk to me regularly already know who this douche nugget is. We have his to thank for such nuggets of information as this….

“”Actually, unless you worship the ancient gods of Rome, Greece or … Read the rest


First of all, waves at everyone, look who’s back! How much did you miss me? Feel free to send lots of fan mail describing in detail just how much you love me and how you’ve missed my presence.

Heh, you see, I’d just run out of inspiration. There certainly was … Read the rest

Sept. 9, 2011. Fluffy Friday!

Yep, welcome to Fluffy Friday!

I’ll be going over a short list of things that I came across that I found to be fluffy though out the past week.

Today I woke up to find a message from Fern, with a happy little link to some extra special pagans. See … Read the rest

You mean I was supposed to?

When did it become the norm to respond to discussions without reading the discussion first? I must be crazy because I thought that was the whole point of having the discussion in the first place. Apparently I’m wrong and woefully misguided when it comes to discussion etiquette.

You see, now … Read the rest

Carp Causes… More Carp

I’m not a fan of the ‘Causes’ on FB. I’m not sure if these ’causes’ do much of anything, I don’t see any verifiable results and I think it’s just a way for the Lazy to take a pro-active stance on something, without actually having to put forth any effort … Read the rest