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Games and Mirrors

Things seem to be picking up on our group, though as the activity increases the fluff are coming out of the woodwork. Maybe it’s because the group is new and they don’t remember that we have some active people who are very Anti Fluff. Whatever the case may be, I … Read the rest

He has the Sixth Sense

I’m starting to wonder if the people I run across are way too influenced by what they’re seeing on TV, in movies and what you can find in some fictional books, or if they’re really just spreading bullshit in an attempt to feel special. I wanted to say that they’re … Read the rest

Eerily Familiar

Everyone ready for a new blog? So, usually people come together and share some pretty interesting and sometimes off the wall stuff in their groups, sometimes they ask for help. This is a call for help that I ran across the other day. I’ll name this one ‘Starlight Sparkles’

Starlight: … Read the rest

Nothing to See Here

My Web Host Mistress just informed me that I had 58 minutes to make a test post over here, so that’s what I’m working on right now. The problem is, that when given a random deadline and I haven’t been awake all that long, I’m finding myself staring at the … Read the rest

Someone’s on some good meds…

I recently observed a discussion about past lives. I’ll leave my thoughts on the subject out of the blog, however you always see a few really entertaining responses when people decide to talk about this subject.… Read the rest

Is PaganMystics the Anti-Christ?

So I know this falls into the Spam category, but it’s funny spam and it makes one wonder. The PaganMystics FB profile was tagged in a picture that had the caption: DAJJAL HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED!!


California, where freedom abounds!

Now, honestly I think that the title is interesting enough to post as is, without a blog. Seriously, we should just print it on a t-shirt and go one about our business. Alas, that would be considered lazy, besides, then you’d never know just where the quote actually came from. … Read the rest

another wtf moment.

Not sure quite what to say next…


Random Facebook Member: Well thanks for adding me I am a vampire but pagan witchcraft helps us alot

Pagan Mystics: Out of curiosity, I have to ask, How?

Random Facebook Member: Well we use the rituals pagans for praising and thanking the … Read the rest


Sometimes there’s really nothing left to do but sit, stare blindly at the computer screen, jaw hanging out, trying to make sense of the message that randomly appeared in your inbox…

Random Face Book User: please god mother help me someone is trying to kill me ,this guy came to … Read the rest

Instant Messages I should have hidden from.

You know, I’m all for the meeting new people or promoting the site on FB. There are so many who practice friend collecting, why not do it for the Community. What I don’t understand is the people who don’t really know you, clearly they are collecting as many pagans as … Read the rest