Have you seen this Douche?

Junior McShellingtons

Have you Seen This Douche?


Hi all… This is Junior McShellingtons.

I met Junior (CaptainMcDoucheyPants) on tumblr. He seemed like a pretty alright individual, so the friendship moved to FB as well.

It turns out that Junior is a fantastic douchetard.

It was on FB that the Captain of Douchtardery decided to ask me if I was interested in any of the metalwork that he created. Showed me a pretty neat picture of a chainmail bikini.

bikiniSee, pretty neat. Well I couldn’t purchase it but I shared the picture to see if anyone else was interested. As it turns out a good friend of my was, she contacted Junior, you’d think that’d be the end of it.

Turns out, I was wrong.

My friend messaged me yesterday and told me that she’s shelled out a total of $100 for the chainmail top and has not yet received the item.
OK… shit business practices, but maybe Junior got busy? Nope… She was able to make contact last night, was promised a tracking number today. As of 5 pm, CA time, no tracking number has been received and Juniors personal fb page has been deactivated.

Well… It might be too late to get the money back, but it’s not too late to spread the word. Shitty business practices are not something that PUTA and the PaganMystics associated pages want to be tied to, further more, we’d like to warn people before they make the mistake of doing any business with this individual.

These are the known public profiles that Mr Doucheypants is associated with. Please spread the word and make sure that no one else is ripped off by this royal piece of shit.
Tumblr http://captainlieutenantmcidrinkalot.tumblr.com/

Deviant art http://captaindrinkypants.deviantart.com/

FB Business Page https://www.facebook.com/stronghammer.smithing?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

FB Profile https://www.facebook.com/junior.mcshellingtons (Deactivated)
Thanks all and have a great day.

I call bullshit, it’s none of your business

You know what’s sad, old and just a flaming bowl of hypocritical?

The number of pagans and pagan blogs that want to demonize other pagans who’s paths have evolved and changed and sent them back to Christianity. (more…)

Star does it all wrong…

I’m not really in the practice of staying on top of all of the goings’ on and news worthy events in the ‘Pagan Community’ at large. I tend to get my updates from friends and the occasional post from The Wild Hunt. Today I saw one of the Practical Pagan authors mention Star Foster. Clearly, I’m late to the party but it looks like more of the usual, Star’s found herself in the center of another flame war debate.

I’ve read the post in question, and while I’d like to share my thoughts on the matter, I don’t feel the need to give her anymore page views. If you haven’t already seen the story, I suggest stopping in at Blacklight Metaphysics, the story has been mentioned in the post here.

What’s my problem with the post/rant in question? It seems like this dippy broad is painting the picture that for one to have a ‘normal life’ or even a ‘boring life’ that you must worship square gods. Now I’ve never been a fan of math, much less geometry, so to have the gods refered to as shapes throws me off. LMAO, ok I’m actually not THAT dense, I know that she meant it as the square slang term…outdated as it is… Btw, who the fuck talks like that anymore?

Yep… The Queen of Attention whoring in the community now wants everyone to believe that she wants a normal, boring, even mundane existance. Of course, the headscratcher is landing in the middle of the attention bubble to get it right? Yeah… we’re onto you Star, we know it’s all about the page views and it makes you feel more relevant.

The thing is. I have to admit that I could agree with the sentiment… If it had been presented in another way. A way that could make sense, and a way that brings to light the fact that if one would like to be normal, one should perhaps, do their best to act normal? But no, this bitch skips all the shit that might actually make sense and go straight to the extreme end of logic and say, if you want to be normal, then you should be working with normal gods.

Seriously? For fucks sake woman! What is normal? What makes a god normal? I’m sorry, but this twisted stab at nailing down and fixing the issue is flawed… as fuck, much like dear Star’s sanity. It’s obvious, she’s fucking lost her damned mind.

Let me spell it out for everyone, especially those of you in the cheap seats like Star. If you think that switching up the deity that you work with is going to make your existance that much more normal, chances are… You’re doing it wrong. No, I said it. You are doing it WRONG. CHANCE/COMMUNITY CHEST you just drew the card that says Go back to Christianity, do not pass go and do not collect $200.

It’s not that we need to change the gods that we choose to work with, or those that choose to work with us, its that we need to find some balance while worshipping those gods. Don’t want to stand out as the special snowflake? Don’t act like one. Don’t want the added attention of worshipping a ‘fringe’ deity? Do us all a favor and don’t talk about it. 

This is the part where we look at your choices, specifically the choices that you all make about how you present yourself to the world at large. Do you run around wearing a hub capped sized pentacle? Do you wail and cry and throw a tantrum because a Christian Holiday is being worshipped? Are you spasming like a fish out of water when you pass a random stranger and they dare utter the words “God Bless You”? News flash, you’re the one that is making a spectacle of yourself. Are you a fan of non traditional hair colors, piercings and tat’s? Are you a fan of BDSM and fur suits? When you boil it all down, to get to the super concentrated tasty reduction of it all, none of these things have jack shit to do with the deity that you are working with.

See, people don’t generally know which god you’re working with unless you go out of your way to let them know. While some gods will drastically alter your lives, others will give you the balance that you need. What has been presented in crayon on Star’s blog are some gross generalizations and a preschoolers understanding for the gods that she’s chosen (poorly) to use as examples. Sure, Loki, Eris, The Morrigan and Lillith might be on the fringe, they might be tricksters, bringers of chaos, lovers of entrails, whatever… Doesn’t matter. Those may be small attributes that a character is known for that’s been blown way out of proportion by pop culture and society. I’m sure many can point out examples of a god that is known as chaotic has actually been rather helpful for those who have an abundance of chaos in their lives.

I could also point out that it’s all about perception, and again. Ms Foster’s is cloudy and obviously skewed. What is normal? One could jump to the conclusion that since America is predominantly Christian, then that would be the nrom. I wonder if she’d like to take her own advice and just go join the church?

My thoughts on normal and boring…. Everyone has their own normal setting. They’ll vary from customer to customer. My norm is a CIS White woman with 3 children. My life is VERY Boring. This is not due to the gods that I worship and work with, but due to the choices I make.

So no…. square gods… that’s not going to cut it. My suggestion, want to be normal? Then don’t try to be a square peg in a round hole.

Tags and Trigger Warnings

Just decided to steal a copy/pasta of this from Tumblr and throw it over here. Even though portions of the blog are tumblr specific, the message is one that can be applied to multiple social networks.

Tags and Trigger Warnings
My thoughts on TW’s and Tags (more…)

Shit we see on Facebook

Shit we see on Facebook (more…)

De-effective Question Asking

Everyone is familiar with a situation like this, either you’ve run across it on a blog, discussion group, forum or even on someones status feed on a social media site. Someone asks a question and try as you might, you just can’t figure out what it is they’re asking. (more…)

Rite of Access?

The following are my thoughts on a two-part question that came up yesterday in one of the FB Pagan flavored groups.

‘Rite of Access? Should all knowledge be free and accessible to everyone? Or are there valid reasons or certain kinds of information that shouldn’t be “open source” (as it were)?”

To be honest I had a quick response when I saw the question and then my wifi connection fell out. When I got back online I decided to grab a copy/pasta of the OP and throw it in my docs until I could give it some proper thought and at least get a blog out of it. Yeah, selfish self serving way to go about it, I know. But you never really know what’s going to inspire a blog, or some deeper thought on an issue. (more…)

tumblrize test

I’m Entitled

Is it me or has there been an increase in asshats this week? Actually, it probably is me and the fact that I haven’t had very reliable internet service and connection for quite awhile and so I was just skipping over the more asinine topics.

Today I have to admit one of the topics that came up in a non disclosed FB group was not only well thought out and well worded, it was also pretty interesting. Should covens allow people with disabilities join their tradition? Would there be barriers to initiation caused by either mental or physical disability?

I’m also happy to say that the majority of the answers were great. People focused on the fact that each group or coven would approach the subject differently and that it would more than likely be a case by case basis because each individual will have different limitations caused by their specific disability.

But of course, it wasn’t long before the voice of all inclusive love n light reared it’s ugly head and shouts, “I don’t think a person has the right to discriminate against another for any reason.”

Really? Did the Democratic League of American Covens suddenly take over how everyone has to operate their group?

Like it or not covens are private religious groups, very much like sororities or fraternities. Just because the individual is interested in joining doesn’t mean that they’ll be allowed to do so. It’s like interviewing for a job. You see the open position advertised and you decide to apply. Just because you filled out the application doesn’t mean you’ll be selected for the job. You’ll still have to go through the selection process and the interview process and see if the hiring manager or business owner likes you and believes that you’ll be capable to fit in with the companies dynamic. I can even point out that Dianic Wiccans bar not only men from their covens and public events, but they also limit participation to women who were born as women. (I believe this actually is discrimination but that is another issue.)

The focus now is the fact that the vast majority of the neo pagan community feels this sense of entitlement, about everything. To be honest, I’m not sure I can pinpoint the reason why people are feeling entitled, but it’s clear that they are.

Perhaps you could narrow it down to the uprise of non-lineaged covens? Maybe it stems from cultural appropriation? I wonder if it has anything to do with this whole widespread solitary self initiation thing? Or the widespread act of piracy that is rampant in the community? What about the screams of persecution when you have the audacity to ask someone to cite their sources?

Can I prove that any of these examples is the culprit? Nope, but I can sure as hell continue to theorize about it.



Mabon – This is what I do

So many posts on the Autumnal Equinox, Harvest Home, Mabon, etc.

I guess it’s time to share my thoughts and plans for this holiday. Mabon. I take a little bit of issue with the name of the celebration. I suppose that I should clarify my reasons for that. All too often you come across the pagan practitioner who wants to tell you that all the things that they do are the way they’ve been doing them for years because they’re the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter and born into Wicca and we’re all just peasants. (more…)

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