Too Much Happy, It Hurts

Seriously. When I wake up in the morning, if I see this… It makes me want to smack a bitch.

Custom Copy Right Notice

This is a lala original.

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1. It: My works, blogs, words, randomness, the post you just read. 

2. lala: Me, not You. 

Ketchup and Oracles

Time to play with ketchup! Woo hooo! Make a mess! No, seriously, it really is time to play catch-up. I’ve decided that I might as well go ahead and do the Pagan Blog Project, as it will keep me in check for at least one post a week. Yay! (more…)

Alphabet Soup and the Pagan Blog Project

I noticed the other day, that there was a whole lot of alphabet soup in my Google Reader. Let me explain, I started seeing a crap ton of posts and blogs posting about different topics, but all starting with the same letter. So, either everyone got a magical See N Say for Christmas last year, or there’s a trend happening. After a bit of investigation, I realize that they’re all participating in the ‘Pagan Blog Project‘.

Oh, this sounds interesting.  (more…)

Connecting with Other Pagans

Today’s blog post/topic was inspired by this weeks prompt from Pagan Blog Prompts.

How do you connect with other Pagans?

Do you have a local group you can meet with on a regular basis?
If you can’t connect with local people, where online do you connect with people of like mind?
What’s the hardest part about connecting with other Pagans?



So, yet again I find myself banned and blocked by a group. This is in no way shape or form something new for me, as I’ve been banned from quite a few places, and most of the time, it was very deserved. I mean, I’ve always thought that if you’re going to be banned, at least make it memorable and worth the effort on the part of the group admins right?


Rain Rain Go Away…

So, I know things have been pretty hectic for me the past few weeks. We really don’t have to go into the details of it, most of you who’ve been following along know what’s been going on. I’m starting to play catch up with everything, that means catch up on Twitter/Groups/Blogs, etc. Last week, a particularly Wise Goddess of Snark, Fern, wrote a blog about the Creation of Spells. Go check it out and then come back, or… wait, finish reading the blog, then go read hers.  (more…)

The Code of Bunshido (Modern Interpretation)

In memory of my friend, mentor, teacher and co-conspirator I’d like to share something he wrote for PaganMystics with all of you. There really are no words to express how I feel right now, Marek, you will be missed.  (more…)

Showin’ Some Love

Some of you might remember my blog about how I am in Lust with the Pagan Help Line Blog.

Well, now there is a FB Page so that people can ask questions over there, so I thought I’d show some support and ‘Pimp’ the link.

So, for anyone who might be interested, go check out the Pagan Help Line FB Page, Here.


Hey You, Your ignorance is Showing

Back to the bloggy grindstone. Yesterday when I ran across a story that I thought was pretty interesting about the Rat Temple in India. I decided to share this story with a few groups on FB. What I found surprising, or maybe not so surprising but… disheartening maybe, is the difference in how people responded to the story.  (more…)