Still Don’t like the term ‘Fluffy Bunny’

Yesterday I wrote a blog that was basically commentary about a blog that had been brought to my attention, if you’d like a refresher, you can read ‘Don’t Want to be Called a Fluffy Bunny‘. This morning I woke up to a comment on it, from the sites owner.  (more…)

Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck!

I don’t live in the greatest neighborhood, in fact you could even accurately call it the ghetto and most of the people who live here would agree with you. The way that the apartments are set up, we have a triplex, shaped in an L and then a yard, on the other side of the yard you have the same set up, in a backwards L. So, you end up with 6 sets of neighbors to a yard, with a parking lot and then the same thing across the street and next to us, filling up a whole street. (more…)

Don’t Want to be Called a Fluffy Bunny?

Then I have a suggestion for you, do something about it. Educate yourself. It really is just that simple. Now I hear a lot of people whining and complaining on a daily basis about not wanting to be filed under that category.  Then don’t let yourself be, do the required work and research.

I realize that if you ask 10 different people what the term means, you’ll get 10 different answers, but it really does boil down to, ‘Are you being willfully ignorant?’


Update of Fluffy Bun Bun and Fuckheads who steal things

I’m writing this blog as an update. It ties into the Fluffy Bun Bun and the Copy Righted Content and the Fuckheads who steal things blogs. Readers who are interested can check those blogs comment sections to be completely caught up on the story and what’s been going on.  (more…)

Fuck Heads Who Steal Things… The Saga Continues

I swear… I believe this whole thing is turning into a docudrama. I have more on the Bun Bun who stole copy righted content and the group that defended him and mass banned those of us who were speaking out against it. It seems that one of the admins, Melanie (refer to the other blogs) is now hiding away, not really wanting contact with people. Other than her blanket statement that the group is now closed to all new comers.


Update to the Fluffy Bun Bun and the CopyRighted Content

It seems that the head doofus in charge over in the Witches of Facebook group has decided to address the problem. Here’s what she had to say.


Fluffy Bun Bun and the Copy Righted Content

I’m really starting to wonder if every flufftard assclown rabbit out there believes that it’s ok to copy/paste any content they see fit and share it, under the guise of it being their own work. That seems to be what’s happening today.

You see, I wandered into my group today, to find a post about some douche tard that is posting massive amounts of content that he’s stolen from another blog. Now, we see this all the damned time. The problem here, the guy is posting it, in multiple places, FB profile, FB page and at least one FB group that I’m aware of, and I’m sure a whole lot of other places as well.  (more…)

E is for Elephant, and It’s a letter

So, I was all set this week to really get into the meat and potatoes of the Pagan Blog Project, hence forth known as the PBP. This weeks letter was E. I sat back and thought about it for a while and then decided that I would do a little research on Eris.

I’ve settled upon this little conundrum. “Eris is Greek, Discordia is Roman. Did the Romans just appropriate Eris and translate her name?” I don’t know, and most of the people I’ve asked don’t really know either. So really, I’ve got nothing. The only thing I can really say on the subject, Eris sounds like a super cool chick that would be fun to invite to a tea party, but I doubt that’s ever going to happen.

So really, no blog for this weeks E, but the project did push me into the area of researching and thinking about a topic that I normally wouldn’t have. I think that’s the whole point really.

See everyone later today, it’s the weekend, I’m sure there’s a fluff blog in the making right there.

So Full of Fail

Sometimes you find something so FULL OF FAIL, it’s hard to even know where to start. All I can really do is give you all a link, so that you can check it out yourselves. Meanwhile, I’m going to share my thoughts, so please, stick around before you go look, or look and then come back.

Here’s a link to the offending page, you can find it here.


Stupid does hurt…

At least, it does those who have to witness it.

Here are a few random tid-bits that might make your head implode, taken from a blog here