Smurf-o-phile seeks help in Pagan group

Insert catchy sentence here to entice you to read the blog. Seriously, if you’ve been following along this long,  you know that you’re going to click the read more link so that you can see the pics of the screen shots from this one. (more…)

More Fun and Randomosity

I think everyone knows that Wikipedia was down yesterday, honestly I wouldn’t be sad if it had stayed offline but that’s besides the point.

The List of Funny Stuff to follow on Twitter yesterday was #FactsWithoutWikipedia 

This is a list of my favorites, in no particular order.  (more…)

Catherine, The Dunce

When I got online this morning, I knew that today was going to be a strange day, with different sites blacked out and offline. Then I hopped on FB, and realized that a good number of the people who were freaking out over the blocked out txt people were using as comments in protest to SOPA/PIPA because they thought that people were being censored for protesting, I KNEW today was going to be a day of rampant stupidity.  I was right.


I’m In Lust

I know, usually I’m so fluff intolerant, it hurts. Some might even think that I can’t sit back and giggle about something when it’s funny.

But, I’ve run across an awesome blog, that I’m hoping is Satirical, but, even if it’s not, makes me giggle so hard, that I can’t skewer it. I HAVE to SHARE it.  (more…)

Armchair Analysis of Dreams?

When will the dippity do, fluff-tastic armchair psychologists put down their freakin’ Dream Interpretation, Psyc. 101 books down and stop focusing their clinical skills on others and turn them on themselves introspectively? I mistakenly thought that tonight was going to be a quiet night, the drama in groups has already passed and then I found something that really got me fired up.  (more…)

Not just a computer tech after all

So, some of you might remember that I blogged about God being a computer tech. Well it turns out, not only is he busily fixing people’s computers and being a technically inclined, he’s also an alien.


Don’t make my ears bleed

Is it just me, or do other people get a little perturbed when random people decide to post a music video to your wall, especially because ‘You have a PAGAN profile, you MUST LIKE PAGAN Music! Nope sorry, not me, and really, to be perfectly honest, if you’re not posting to my wall to say, hey thanks for adding me, here’s an interesting news story, I’d prefer nonsense wasn’t posted there. (more…)

Oh Sheri

Even when you think that a post is going to turn out to be really ‘Drama Free’ it has a way of sneaking up and biting you in the ass.  Over in one of the groups that I frequent, one of the Admins had posted a discussion that was really a simple reminder to all members that everyone has different opinions, and that while some might come on a lil strong, the best way to deal with it was to stand your group, or ignore the people who you didn’t really want to bother with. (more…)

Fun and Randomossity

So, this past week, there was quite a fun topic bouncing around. #ShitPagansSay

So, I thought I’d make a list of some of my favorites.

“And now we will call on Kali as the gentle, nurturing Goddess of the Dawn.” #ShitPagansSay



Now that I’m trying to keep up with more than one piece of blog-estate (Think real estate that is virtual bloggishness) I’m keeping up with my feeds on the Google Reader, as well as running into some pretty interesting stuff over on Tumblr. Some of it’s really pretty cool, some of its fluffy (you expect it) and there are lots of shiny pictures over there.