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The Post People and Privilege has been pulled for the time being pending some minor changes. It will be back soon, don’t fret.


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People and Privilege?

[This post has been edited to remove all images due to Claims of Harassment. The claim the images were taken from a closed group is invalid. Welcome to Facebook. If anyone has any further concerns about this post and/or actions taken, the PROPER email address for such complaints is located at http://katalytis.com. – Eidolon]

Ahhh, the slacktivists are on a tear about a new cause/event out there. Actually, I would really like to endorse the event because I would love to support the idea and the intention behind it. But, there are some issues, as with any cause that pops up and so while I want to support it, I know that there are others who are wary of it, and I’m just kinda watching the fireworks that are attached to it at this point.

Like I said, I think it’s a good cause, in theory. I want to support it, I even shared the link in a few groups. Of course, as the cause gains momentum, I’m left sitting on the side line thinking, this is going to end badly. Why? Because there is a bigger picture involved, one that does have a little to do with color. But, I don’t want to paint the cause in a negative light, so I’m going to be intentionally vague about it, and I am anonymizing the screenies. Safety purposes and such. (more…)

No, I’m not dead

Waves at everyone out there. Yeah, I’m alive! No, I’m not dead! Oh and neither is the blog.

I just need a bit of inspiration, I know that I’ve been away for a bit, there was a move, to an even more ghetto-ier ghetto than the one that we once inhabited. ~Giggles~ No, it’s not really a word, but it can be a lala-ism.

Anyway, I’ve got to knock the dust out from this blog and get things going again, I just need something inspiring to hit and then we’ll be back in business…. This was more of a random check in, to let everyone know that I’m still kicking. There have been a few posts that happened over at the Tumblr blog, so check them out if you’re bored.

The Ever Expanding World of P.U.T.A

Hey Guys! This is an update and announcement. Some of you already know, some of you don’t.

The People for the Un-Ethical Treatment of Asshats now has a Tumblr. Blog and a FB Page. So, if you’re on FB, go LIKE the page, show your support and stay updated when there are new blog posts on BOTH sites!

Yes, just one more step for us as we try to take over the world!

Mr. Awesome’s World

That’s right, it really is Mr. Awesome’s World, we’re all just living in it. There was a conversation today in a random pagan group, it started off like other random discussions. Someone posted a question, looking for advice, people responded and tried to help. Then of course, as is a regular occurance, someone felt the need to make a broad generaliztion about how ALL Witches do things a certain way. That’s when shit hit the fan.


Tumblr Test

Testing the crossposting for PUTA

Asks a Noob Question, Gets Pissed off at Noob Answer

So, I’m sure that everyone has encountered this before but I do think that it’s wildly hilarious when it happens. Also, I needed an excuse to try out a new pluggie that I recently found for the computer. It’s an Anonymizer, that means it makes everyone in a discussion anonymous, so I don’t have to try to figure out who’s given me permission to be in blogs, hiding the fluffy’s identity, etc. Yay for new toys!


Candles and Happy Thoughts

I know it’s been a bit of a slow week for me this week, lots of people out there stealing other people’s work, and a lot of people not understanding how copy right and attribution and all that other good stuff works, but that’s not really my full time job.

I have to admit, I wasn’t very inspired by things that have happened this week to actually pull much of anything together for a blog, thank goodness that there are some blog prompts right. This weeks prompt from Pagan Blog Prompts is, Illness.


Obviously, You All Misinterpreted the Question


Lala Lynn Davis:  NO, the moon is gone, you and your friend fucked up, now the earth is going to spiral into the sun. Thanks a lot guys.

Lala Lynn Davis PUT IT BACK!

Lala Lynn Davis Why God, Why! Why have you forsaken us! Please, oh Please, by the Power of Tsukuyomi, please come back and brighten our night sky, and save us from dying in the fire of Amaterasu!

FWD to Today:

Bobbi:  Obviously thte question was misinterpreted by most of you, and I will be the first to say I did use horrible phrasing when asking the question. I would ask that the subject of the moon physically disappearing be dropped since I was not implying that my friend litterally took the moon out of the sky, more if he could have affected it in a negative way for it to not be visible until much much later than normal.