Say Goodbye to your Soul

Since the PaganMystics profile on FB tends to hover around the 5,000 friend limit, we’ve had to get a lil pickier about who we decide to approve as friends to that account. That means actually clicking the profile link and wandering over to see who it is that wants to connect with that account.

Yesterday, I found that a familiar deity not only has an account on FB, but that she’d found me and wanted to be friends.  (more…)

Fucked off Policies and Groups

A new group has popped up on FB and wouldn’t you know it, I was added to it. In the normal FB fashion, I was added without prior knowledge of its existence and without permission.

Now, I know that I RAGE, GRIPE and COMPLAIN each time this happens, but the people on the PM friends list, still continue to do it. I wonder, are they really paying attention when they decide to do it? (more…)

Tumblr Cross-Post Test

I am now testing the plug-in that should cross post from this blog to the tumblr. blog.

Stand Back.


Anon Stalkers, West Virginia and Joy!

This blog is dedicated to my anonymous stalker, or stalkers in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

Now, I’m going to sit back and giggle in wonderment and joy because, even though I don’t know who you are, I know that I’ve struck some chord, deep inside you, that has prompted you to pen a private blog, that links back to my site. I will however take the time to point out that the love here, is completely one-sided. You can see mine, but I can’t see yours. This makes lala sad. 🙁 (more…)

Twithead Spammy Douche-Tard

I’m not very popular by twitter standards, I don’t follow very many people and I certainly don’t have too many followers. My list is manageable and full of people who I find interesting in some respect and it’s a list that I can keep up with.

I’m also really bad at following people back, I figure if people are going to follow me, then their going to follow me. If they tweet at me, and it’s not spam, I’ll respond and probably start following them. If there isn’t going to be any interraction, and you’re not someone that I’m fan-sessive about, then I don’t ever follow, I also drop accounts that I don’t find entertaining or interesting in some way. (more…)

Update on Tumblr. and Blog Stealing Asshats

So, I want to take a moment to applaud The Grove a tumblr blog that picked up and reblogged the ‘Tumblr is it just for Plagiarism‘ blog and took the initiative to message ‘Son of Pan’ Or… ‘Pan’s Douchebag son‘( as I’d like to call him now) to ask or suggest that he credit the original source.

This is the response that The Grove author got. (more…)

My dragon takes care of my therapy

There are occasions when my friends and I creep and crawl and play very near the line of insanity. We laugh at it, poke it with a sharp stick and keep moving forward, occasionally stumbling, or even dangling a foot over the edge on purpose, to dare the universe and ourselves to either keep moving or fall off the cliff.

Then, we stumble across something so unbelievably off the wall, that we take a step back, realize that we’re not crazy, the rest of the world is. Especially the world inhabited by the fluffy bunny.


Snarky New Year

So, it’s the New Year, and I do believe that everyone and their grandmother has committed to some type of resolution or another, so I thought, perhaps I should take a moment to make mine.

Now, I think that 99.999% of the time, people make their resolutions based on societal norms and unrealistic dreams. The New Years resolution becomes as about as attainable as a Unicorn, and if you ask anyone… Unicorns aren’t that easy to find. (more…)

Oh Holy Fucktard!

I’m beginning to think that it’s entirely possible that I’m becoming ever more intolerant to stupidity on a daily basis. Maybe its old age, maybe it’s that there are never-ending legions of fluff that we have to deal with on an almost daily basis, maybe I’m just that damned anti social.  Whatever it is, I’m tired of it, and it makes me grumpy.

I’m also getting tired of seeing posts like the one that I’m going to share tonight. Let’s say, in part it’s because I just don’t understand where these types of people are coming from. If you were raised in a religion not of your choosing, and you’re unhappy with it, why would you go to a group of virtual strangers, and ask said strangers, what religion they think you should be pursuing or where they think you fit in…  I just don’t get it. (more…)

tumblr, is it just for plagiarism.?

My friend/web goddess for the site, is also the author of Three Different Ways (link is over in the blogroll)

So, a few days ago, there was a discussion, and blow up and possibly a fight, over rules, after which, a blog was written,

The Ten Rules of Witchdom

Well, I should also state that the Web Goddess pays close attention to site traffic, for all of the blogs. She found a random search from Google had given some traffic. The interesting part of this search, was that someone had typed the rule in it’s entirety into the search engine. (more…)